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Breaking Chains

Humanity’s Grand Quest For Freedom

By James Donahue

Thomas Jefferson’s great words embedded in the Declaration of Independence at the beginning of the American Revolution have remained fixed in the nation’s mindset for over 230 years: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

It was a grand idea. Unfortunately, the nation Jefferson helped launch never quite lived up to his expectations.

It seemed for a while that the American experiment came close. But this deep-felt desire for a return to Eden . . . the building of a Utopian society where all men and women are free to pursue their personal dreams and to be treated with an equality that has rarely been achieved even in the best moments of the historical past . . . appears to once again be slipping from our grasp.

We once thought perhaps we were nearly there. After the workers for the great industrial empire we created fought and won the right to bargain collectively for better wages and improved working conditions, there was a surge of prosperity that created what we called the Middle Class. There was a surge toward racial and sexual equality. People earned enough to buy their own homes, have cars in their driveways, send their children to college and enjoy such benefits as paid vacation time, medical insurance and planned retirement.

For those of us growing up during that grand time, and enjoying the benefits of all that this country had to offer, life was good. We became a shining beacon to the world. Struggling people from other nations wanted to either copy our grand capitalistic system or move to America and become a part of the grand experience.

For the average white middle-class American growing up in a sheltered "Christian" environment everything looked utopian on the surface. But under that thin layer of veneer there still could be found a seething undercurrent of trouble. Nothing was as it seemed. The civil rights issue was boiling. The Cold War with the Soviet Union was at its height. We were sending young men and women off to fight senseless wars in far-off places like Korea and Vietnam under the guise of stopping the spread of Communism. There was a dependency upon the migrant families that came to the United States from Mexico each summer to pick our fruit and harvest our crops. And there were those terrible assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert who appeared on track to follow him into office, and the great civil rights leaders Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. We read the media stories that told of the growing conflict with internal radical groups like the Weather Underground, Students for a Democratic Society, Black Panthers and the Black Liberation Movement. We endured the Cuban Missile Crisis, the horrible murders by the Charles Manson family and the mass suicides at Jonestown.

While we didn’t want to believe it was happening, it appeared that the grand era of life in America was unraveling around us. And indeed, it was. What we thought we had then was all a fašade designed to make us believe we were the greatest nation on Earth where every person was equal and that hard work and achievement would lead us all to the Promised Land. It was all a lie. We were being cleverly goaded into accepting the capitalistic system that depended upon a lot of laborers willing to work long hours as low salaried slaves for masters who owned the corporations that employed us. We hardly noticed as the smaller successful family-owned businesses were being swallowed up by larger and larger corporations. Eventually only a few large conglomerates owned just about every manufacturing company making the products we bought and used.

The invention of radio, television, computers, cell phones, household appliances that not only made living easier but kept us constantly entertained during our free time, and the invention of plastic credit cards with which to buy these things now and pay later, plunged us all into deep debt. Thus we became slaves to our jobs, and the constant bombardment of advertising schemes via those home entertainment machines to make us want to buy even more things we did not need.

Now with the globalization of commerce there has been a rapid destruction of organized labor. Manufacturing jobs have been moved from the nation’s union shops to new locations in countries like Mexico, China, Indonesia and India where people will work for lower wages in non-union shops. Thus the job market in America has gone dry. Debt ridden Americans are losing their homes and their toys and being forced back into poverty. Hundreds of thousands are living homeless in the street, depending upon government food stamps or Salvation Army kitchens for daily meals.

Angry citizens have taken to the streets. We saw it in the Arab Spring movement that began in 2010 in Tunisia then spread into Egypt and Libya. It is occurring in Syria where the people have taken up arms against the government. The Occupy Movement sweeping the United States, Canada and Europe has remained mostly peaceful to date even though the demonstrators have met stiff resistance by police and lawmakers. Workers in China have been reportedly committing mass suicides in rebellion to the sweat shops they are enslaved in.

There is a growing conflict between the workers and the few wealthy people who have been identified as the so-called "ruling class" pulling the strings of power. They are operating globally and their deeds have not been confined to only the United States, the European Common Market or other specific nations. These men have their hands on the wealth, which is identified as money. We all perceive money as the controlling force in our lives because the talking heads on our corporate-owned television stations tell us so. We have entire stations that devote all of their resources to reporting the causes of the trends seen on the world financial markets and stock exchanges.

There is startling truth to be understood here. We have been living in a manufactured plastic world for so long that we do not recognize the fallacy we have bought into since the very day we were born. Everything around us is a sham. The money that we think is so important is useless when it is not circulating. And money only has value when the people believe it has value. In reality the money we carry around is only a piece of paper with numbers printed on it. It has no physical value whatsoever. Paper money once represented a certain value in gold or silver stored in a guarded vault like Fort Knox. But even this is no longer true. The Federal Reserve, a banking conglomerate that has taken over the U.S. monetary system, prints all of the paper money needed to keep the system operating. But there is not enough gold and silver left at Fort Knox to back up the printed value of this paper. So what value does it have?

The power brokers that pull the strings of the so-called elected leadership in world nations maintain that power through cleverly selling the people on the lie that money still has value and that money equals power. Just in case a few of us wake up to the truth of this fallacy and that we revolt against the system, there is a highly trained military force armed with the most advanced technology known to man standing between us and them. Unlike the days of the American Revolution, when the framers of the U. S. Constitution believed that it was our duty to rise up against corruption in government with muskets and pitchforks, the people now appear to have little chance of successfully forcing the crooks out of Washington. These goons have bunkered themselves with much planning and skill. The takeover has been slow and occurring under our noses for a very long time. They now have control of a majority of the Supreme Court. Everything is in place today for the total enslavement of America.

So what are our options? Do we all just bend over and accept the fact that we have been outfoxed by the masters and that we must return to the roles of serfdom as it was during the Dark Ages just to stay alive? Or is there a better route?

We have good news. We are living in a time of great change. There is a powerful paradigm shift occurring that is about to overwhelm every living soul on this planet. This new generation of young men and women now active in the streets are part of the shift. They understand the need for change and are subconsciously joining in the demonstrations, the speeches, the political campaigns and the overall movements that will eventually bring about a new world and hopefully a better life for all. Most of them arrived within the last 30 years as the so-called "Indigo Children." They came here on assignment. They were identified as "problem children" in the schools and their teachers, child psychologists and parents were persuaded to call the problem attention deficit disorder. To combat this, the system chose to cloud the minds of these children with such drugs as Ritalin, Adderrall, Cylert and Dexadrine. The drugs didn’t get all of the Indigo Children, however. Now they are rising up to do the job they came to Earth to accomplish. And that is to save us from ourselves.

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