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Planes Of Existence

What Happened To The Angels and the Demons?

By James Donahue

The spiritual paradigm shift announced by Theta Healer Suzie Donahue raises a question of the very existence of Jesus, Mohammad, angels and demons. All have played a strange role in human mythology and religious belief systems for thousands of years.

If we no longer need religion and can communicate directly with the Creator, what is going on among the great spiritual teachers of the past and do angels and demons even exist?

Donahue has an interesting answer to all of this. Her explanation truly demands a book of copy to completely describe, but we will attempt to hit the highlights in this brief paper.

She says there are seven spiritual planes of existence that affect our lives. Most humans are spiritual beings who have chosen or were sent to Earth to have an educational experience that will allow us to transcend from the Fourth Plane to the Fifth Plane. The Fifth Plane is where the great masters like Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha and Krishna live. The angels and demons also exist on the Fifth Plane.

Donahue said the demons have long been misunderstood by humanity. She said that like the angels, the demons looked down upon us in the distant past and saw that we were not evolving the way it had been planned and they came to Earth in an effort to help us. But in doing so, they attempted to break the law of free will, for which they were punished. They were condemned to live among us on Earth and they have been having temper tantrums ever since.

“The demons were not evil. They looked upon us as their children and just wanted us to come home,” Donahue said.

She said while many humans are on Earth to learn and experience spiritual growth, others are here, much like the masters of old, to help make this transition possible. The surge of Indigo Children that have been emerging in the past 40 years are now living among us as adults and working to accomplish this task.

Donahue described the seven planes of existence as follows:

--First Plane is very basic. It’s a primitive place of minerals and the elements of creation. It is the place where molecules come together to form non-carbon based matter. It is where water becomes charged with electrons.

--Second Plane is signified by vitamins. It is a place of plants, viruses, bacteria, mold, yeast and fungus. It is the place where plant life interconnects with the spirits of the Earth and air.

--Third Plane is marked by amino acids. It is a place of emotion and illusion, where humans learn creative thought. It is the place where we are supposed to learn to master our fear since fear is the only thing that makes us believe we are bound to this illusion of being trapped in our bodies and thus separated from the Creator.

--Fourth Plane is the place where many of our ancestors live. People who experience near-death experiences and glimpse visions of long dead friends and relatives are probably making brief visits to this plane. Donahue believes the sudden influx of new babies being born on Earth marks a rush by the ancestors trapped in the Fourth Plane to make a last ditch effort to learn the spiritual lessons needed to rise to the Fifth Plane.

--Fifth Plane is a place of duality and balance. It is the home of the masters and spiritual forces. There are various levels to this plane, the darkest at the bottom and the brightest at the top. It is the place most of us strive to reach in our spiritual journey.

--Sixth Plane is a library of laws. It is a complex place where all of the laws of the Universe are found. These include such complex subjects as time, truth, motion, thought, wisdom, cause and effect, sacred geometry, all mathematics, science, physics and wisdom. Donahue describes it as a library filled with “brain candy” for most people. But she believes that scientists that learn to reach this plane to utilize its resources and find solutions to every problem we face on Earth today. She believes the genius Nicola Tesla discovered a way to tap into the information on the Sixth Plane.

--Seventh Plane is the home of the Creator of all that is. It is a place of light and love. It is the ultimate source of the energy that manifests everything in the Universe. And it now is a place where anyone may visit once they learn the way to get there.