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Linking With Creator

Connecting With Supreme Power

By James Donahue

The revelation by Theta Healer Suzie Donahue that we no longer need the distorted and twisted old religious systems to connect with the divine energy of creation may be the best news this troubled world has ever received.

This important paradigm shift in our ability to connect with the Creator could be the salvation of the Mother Earth and the human race, if enough people get the message and respond to it accordingly.

Imagine what might happen if a majority of the world trashes the yokes of religious dogma and learns to turn our minds directly into the loving energy that makes all things possible. All we have to do is ask and we can manifest anything we can imagine. And think too what might happen if we receive the way from Creator to spark our ability to use the gift of imagination to manufacture solutions to all of the problems this world now faces.

Is the dropping of the veil a last-ditch effort by the supreme powers looking down on this planet to save us from ourselves? Indeed, we humans seem to have become so caught up in the extremes of greed, self-gratification and power that many of us are refusing to look at the dangers of climate change, the consequences of running out of available natural resources and accommodating an overpopulated and extremely polluted world.

Many Christians are expecting the “savior” Jesus to come down out of the sky and rescue them at the last second, before everything goes into destruction mode. The Mayan Calendar marking the end of everything on December 21, 2012, is being taken so seriously by so many people that their collective thought may make it happen before this year is out.

Indeed, it is time for mankind to stop the insanity and turn to the true source of power than can transform our situation before someone pulls the plug and our wonderful world disappears forever. The horror of this scenario is that if and when it happens, Jesus won’t be rescuing anybody. We will all perish like those mythological lemmings and perhaps wish we hadn’t done the foolish things we did during our brief existence on this planet.

There is still time to fix the mess we have created, but we need to wake up. The best way to do this is to turn away from whatever religious belief system that has bound us and cry out fervently for an audience with the sacred energy that awaits our calling.

Donahue says this change applies to all forms of the archaic religions from Gnostic to Buddhist, from witchcraft to spiritualism, from Judaism to Christianity. The old forms of magic used to conjure up spiritual forces are no longer needed. All of it…from the rituals of the Golden Dawn to the secrets of the Kabala are outdated.

So how do we make this amazing contact with the Creator? Donahue instructs us to call out fervently to the Creator and seek this great energy and we will be shown the path we must take.

Donahue, who uses a theta mental state that allows her to connect to this energy on a subatomic level, offers lectures and verbal downloads, obtained directly from the Creator, to help. Go to her website at http://www.thetahealingbenefits.com to learn more.