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The God Connection

Established Religious Systems Archaic – Time For Change

By James Donahue

There is good news for the world. For the first time in history every human has the opportunity to make a direct connection with God, says Theta Healer Suzie Donahue.  When we do, she says, all of the veils between the planes of existence drop. By going directly to the Creative force all secrets are available to us. Then the world will understand how ridiculous the religious dogma has been.

It will be clear how the words within the holy books have been twisted to make us all slaves to the ruling class, Donahue said. We work tirelessly for someone else’s profit. And all the while we have been convinced that we will receive a reward in Heaven . We are told that we must suffer to earn it. Now that we have a direct connection to God, we can understand the terrible hoax that has been played on us.

Donahue believes the world is currently going through an important religious paradigm shift. She says she uses ThetaHealing® to connect to the most intelligent, loving energy which is the basis of all that exists. She said she has discovered that the conscious use of the theta brain wave will take you directly to true communication and union with Creator. All you really need is a burning desire to communicate directly with God and the path will come before you, although ThetaHealing® is an easy and fool proof way” she said.

Donahue, who uses a theta brain wave state to make daily contact with the energy that binds and intertwines all things of existence said she was shown that this important shift has only recently occurred. We no longer need a “third party” to help us send our prayers and have communion with “the true source of all that is.”

Donahue’s proclamation may be good news to a growing number of Americans who support the belief that religion is out of date and needs to be scrapped. A recent Gallup poll found that 22 percent of the people describe their religious preference as “other” or “none.” A startling 29 percent say they believe religion “is largely old-fashioned or out of date.”

The good news is that Donahue offers free taped “downloads” on her website: http://www.thetahealingbenefits.com that will help change the genetic perceptions of God that are largely false. She also has prepared free lectures on video that can be found on her site, on her Facebook page, or on YouTube. She also offers low-cost group Power Theta Club sessions, as explained on her web page.

She describes what she does as a method of consciously using the theta brainwave state that allows her to connect to “energy on a subatomic level that connects all things.” She describes this source as “a loving, knowing, intelligent energy with a zero agenda. It just is. This energy has the power to allow us to heal, make changes and manifest anything.”

The good news is that now that the veil has dropped, we no longer need Jesus, the Buddha, Mohammad, the Pope, or the local pastors to help us make direct contact.

Why has this change occurred? Donahue explains that the human race has evolved to a point where the old religious instructions and dogmas are no longer needed to direct us to God.

The various religions were given to humans when they were living in a more primitive state. “The human mind at that time needed primal influences like fear to direct them to seek God,” Donahue said. Because they did not know how to deal with God they performed ridiculous rituals like human sacrifice.

She said the Ten Commandments were needed to teach basic morality to a people who lived like animals, not knowing that killing another person to steal food and territory might be wrong. Today all of the commandments appear to us as common sense. They are written into the laws of the land and have become the moral compass for our behavior within society.

“If you look at how religions have morphed over time it is easy to see how it has created a form of slavery for humanity,” Donahue said. Indeed, we are witnessing extreme distortions of religious dogma in our politics, in our cause for going to war, and the disruptive belief systems that are turning us against one another and making us slaves of corporate powers.

There is no need to hate the Islamic people because of their religious beliefs, or the Buddhists for theirs. We are all the same. The energy of creation exists within each and every human, animal, tree and rock. This is why we are now free to shuck the yoke of religious bondage and turn our minds directly to this loving energy that exists in the bright light of the Seventh Plane of existence, Donahue said.

“A direct communication with God is the ultimate encyclopedia,” she said. “You can get answers to anything you want to know. If you want to communicate with Jesus, you can, but first go through God.”

Best of all, the old threat of the extreme punishment of spending an eternity in Hell is a lie. There is no Hell. There is no such thing as evil, Donahue said. “If you have a negative experience it means that we are going through a learning experience.”

Donahue, who teaches individual and group therapy sessions from her modest California home and makes regular appearances on Iyanla Vanzant’s “Peace From Broken Pieces” show on Hayhouse Radio, has become one of the masters of Theta Healing since learning the technique through its founder, Vianna Stibal. Donahue holds a Certificate of Science, the highest degree offered in ThetaHealing®.