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Imagination Lost

The Urgency In Recovering Our Imagination

By James Donahue

Theta Healer Suzie Donahue is sounding the drum these days for humanity to wake up and recover the lost talent of imagination. Without it, she warns, the human race is racing toward problems so severe that extinction may be just around the corner.

We live in a strange new world of electronic entertainment that dominates our workplace, our homes and nearly everything many of us do for recreation. This change has crept up on us and within a decade or two, changed our lives so completely that many of us have become slaves to the electronic screen.

The world around us also has been changed and not for the better. Notice that the new cars on the roads look so much alike, it is difficult to tell one brand from another. The music industry also has gone into a slippery slide. While there are a few interesting artists out there, most pop singers offer the same strange boring vibrato sound. Where are the genius composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt and Lennon? Where are the genius artists like Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Dali and Waterhouse? Have we lost the great writers that stirred the hearts of literary buffs around the globe?

Donahue says contemporary education has shifted gears from the creative liberal arts to training students to serve the corporate workplace. In shifting this focus, educators have filtered out natural stimulation of children to be creative and imagine what could be. Children everywhere are being herded like cattle into advanced learning programs controlled by the societies they are born in.

For these children there is no free time for neighborhood play and the natural development of imagination. The constant threat of perceived danger has led to strictly controlled and supervised play and extremely early training to read and write so they can compete in a modern world for high-tech jobs.

Parents no longer urge their children to be artists, writers or composers. The pursuit of money is the new god of the people.

To compound this problem, the pharmaceutical industry has sold the people on a broad variety of drugs that dull people’s brains. They take pills to sleep, pills to suppress anxiety, pills for depression, pills for pain and pills to control autism in children. There are even pills to control the side-effects of all of the other pills people find themselves addicted to.

In addition to this, we have HAARP and possibly other secret black budget mind control devices now used by governments to control the way people act and think. There are subliminal messages constantly bombarding our senses from the television and movie screens, the printed advertisements and gaudy promotional signs flashing in our faces almost everywhere we go.

It is a world gone mad. And Donahue says she believes it is a world destined to go into self-destruct if something isn’t done soon.

She said she believes this because in her work as a Theta Healer, which involves connecting to an energy on a subatomic level that connects all things, she was recently instructed to stop trying to heal people and turn, instead to teach them how to die in peace.

“I said this was unacceptable. I asked if anything could be done to change what was about to happen. The answer was that people’s imaginations had to be opened so that they could imagine a future.”

As it is today, governments and power figures in the world are fighting over control of the wealth while the people riot in the streets. Everybody is ignoring the most pressing issues….global warming, extreme climate change, overpopulation, the depletion of oil, fresh water and other vital natural resources, and the fact that another major earthquake in Northern Japan could trigger the explosion of 11,421 nuclear fuel rods at the destroyed Fukushima-Daichi power plants and release enough Cesium-137 to destroy all life on Earth.

While people all over the world know of these problems, they lack solutions and do not appear to have the imaginative powers to think of solutions that are desperately needed at this critical time.

Donahue says she was given a solution to this problem and wants to offer it without charge or restriction to the world. It is a voiced “download” that will allow the listeners’ subconscious mind to overcome all of the obstructions to personal imagination.

Donahue also is preparing video-taped lectures to be offered via You-Tube and other online outlets and is willing to go into business places and work with employees to help them uncover their imaginative powers.

“I want employers to know that this is a technique that will help their employees solve problems,” she said.

To listen to the downloads and to find out where to watch Donahue’s videos when they are ready, go to www.thetahealingbenefits.com. Click on “Downloads.”