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Not A Normal Cloud

Are UFOs Hiding Behind The Clouds?


By James Donahue


Photos of odd cloud formations and frequent sightings of unidentified flying objects all over the world have prompted stories of alien craft that hide behind or perhaps even as clouds.


We have been hearing these stories for a few years. Back when Doris and I lived under the bright blue skies of Arizona, we used to notice strange clouds that didn’t seem to belong.


We were experimenting in those days with making things happen by mere thought. Doris came up with the idea of thinking away the cloud, just to see if we could do it. I think she also wondered if anything was hiding behind it.


We succeeded sometimes at making parts of a cloud go away, but there always seemed to be a remnant left behind. Was a ship hiding there? The imagination can sometimes run wild about stuff like that, especially while living in a super-charged esoteric setting like Sedona, Arizona.


People there claimed to see UFOs hovering over the town in broad daylight.


Some people believe the UFOs can disguise themselves as clouds so we can look right at them and not see them as they really are. Indeed, we have raised the thought that aliens may be capable of sending interesting three-dimensional holographic projections to Earth from distant stars. And if they can do that, what would stop them from making their ships look to us like clouds?


There are a few interesting stories on the web about people who have experienced strange encounters with cloud formations.


Russian Vitaly Kosinov said he was picking nuts in the fall of 1989 when he suddenly was overcome with a feeling of great apprehension. He said he felt as if someone or something was observing him. When he looked up, there was an odd dark-gray cloud hovering overhead. He said he fell to the ground, as if the energy in the cloud overpowered him. To this day be believes he may have been abducted but has no memory of it.


In late August, 2004, just after dusk, people in the eastern United States noticed a small silvery cloud of light in the northwest sky. Amateur astronomer John Bortle said he observed the cloud from his home in Stormville, New York, just after 9 p.m. He said it remained in the sky for about 25 minutes.


Other observers described the cloud as a round dish, about the size of the moon. Bill Bogardus, of Long Island, said while observing the object through an eight-inch telescope, he noticed two points of light.


Even though some dramatic looking photos have been taken of similar cloud formations, scoffers think they have a logical answer.


My wife and daughter both observed a large oval orange object in the sky over Eastern Arizona one morning in 1998. They observed this sighting at the same time, in about the same part of the sky, from about 50 miles apart. Our daughter called to tell us about it just as my wife was excitedly telling me what she had seen. When I went out to look, there was nothing there.


Then there was the strange “wheel” that looked like a large round hole punched in the clouds over Raceland, Louisiana, in December, 2008. It was observed by a lot of people who called area police, television and newspaper offices.


Then there are those strange oval clouds photographed at the peaks of mountains. They are among the weirdest of cloud formations.


They call these “lenticular clouds” formed by water droplets (as are all clouds) that are formed over mountains during high winds.


Indeed. From the photos I’ve seen, it is difficult not to wonder.