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The Aggressive Campaign For Another Bush

By James Donahue

The last thing this country needs is another member of the Bush family in the White House. Yet it appears that the corporate-owned media is bent on promoting Jeb Bush, the guy who helped George W. Bush steal the presidency when Jeb served as Florida’s governor in 2000.

There is hardly a day that goes by that we don’t see Jeb’s image and some kind of story about something he said, did or something somebody else did that might affect his bid for the presidency posted at the top of the news. He is all over the printed media, you see it everywhere on the Internet’s "news," and while I no longer watch television news, I suspect he gets mentioned regularly there as well.

Notice that the photos of Jeb Bush are professionally prepared to make him look presidential. While there is currently a list of 16 possible Republican candidates for the job, with Mike Huckabee polling the most popularity of the bunch, it is Jeb Bush who is getting all the press.

Among the Democrats, there are about 11 potential candidates, including Vice President Joe Biden, Senators Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, all of whom have important things to add to the political cocktail brewing on the hill. Warren and Sanders are both shaking the foundations of that obdurate old pack of grandstanders but we must go to Internet news sites like Daily Kos, The Brad Blog, The Dissident Voice, Truthout and Michael Moore’s blog, among others, to find out what they are saying and doing.

The problem with controlled media is that most American voters will never get a chance to compare the views of the alternative candidates with those of the people "hand-picked" by corporate rule. Notice who is allowed in public debates and who is excluded when election time roles along.

It is frightening to think that we may be faced with another Bush in the presidential office. Yet when we compare Jeb Bush with the crazed viewpoints expressed by many of the other Republicans tossing their hats in the ring, we have to admit that if we must have a GOP president, Jeb may be the better choice. He appears, at least, to be a bit smarter than the brother.

All of the campaign rhetoric, which began way too soon for most Americans, is a lot of useless noise designed to fill air space on television and radio stations. We are quite sure the controlling forces have selected Jeb Bush and Hillery Cliton to lead the two party packs on the final round, with the dominate male getting the win. If Americans are smart, and want to get their government back, they might start by turning off their television sets and leaving them off.

As for me, I am rooting for Warren or Sanders. Read their platforms and you decide before you go to the polls. Sure, the election is over a year away. But the campaign is already on and the propaganda is flying. Don’t let all those heavily financed promotions lull you into believing the lies.