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Reality: Are We Existing In Pods?

Reality Series 2

By James Donahue

Some years ago I became acquainted with a man who claimed to have been involved with a secret black ops military program and subsequently had access to shocking information concerning our world and the so-called "reality" perceived by humanity.

Etched deep in this man’s mind was a photograph he said he saw of time-worn and broken faces of the presidents carved on Mount Rushmore. The wooden platforms and walkways leading up the side of the mountain were burned away. The sky overhead was a hot red color.

What the man discovered from studying the photograph, and from the other information he obtained, was that humanity today is existing in pods, our minds plugged into a matrix that makes us believe that all is well. But he said all is not well. The pods, which are placed deep in caves under the earth, on the moon, and on various other places in our solar system, are heating up because the sun has gone into its last stage and is becoming a red giant.

As the sun grows in size it swallows Mercury and Venus and closes in on Earth. This, the man explained, is why we are experiencing what we are calling "global warming." It is because our pod, which is tucked deep under the Earth, is feeling the heat from our warming planet.

Eventually, when the sun consumes the Earth, our existence in the pod will come to a dramatic conclusion. We will be burned alive within the protective pod that has shielded us for centuries, making us believe that all is well in our solar system.

The pods, he said, were a last-ditch effort to save humanity . . . or at least give us a few thousand years of more time . . . before our sun burns out and turns into a white dwarf.

This was the man’s frightening story. Is it true? Are we lying dormant in a pod somewhere, perceiving our lives in a matrix created hundreds if not thousands of years ago for our benefit?

Those who have watched the Hollywood film The Matrix may have some sense of what we are attempting to explain in this short essay. That movie has had a strange effect on the psyche of all who have watched it. It was as if the script writers and film makers had a strange sense of foreboding when they created the movie.

If anything, The Matrix gave us all a concept of questioning the reality we perceive.

Suppose, just for the sake of argument that civilization has existed on Earth for millions of years. And suppose that astronomers in a by-gone age discovered that our sun was in its final stage of converting hydrogen to helium at its core, and its nuclear fuel was depleted.

In a last-ditch effort to save humanity, scientists of that era created the pods and placed them in various places around the solar system, even going as far out as Pluto, in the hope of salvaging the human race for as long as possible. Thus the matrix system of existence was invented. Some of us were sent to the outer limits, and others were put deep underground, in the hope that the sun would not destroy us all as it grew into a burning gas giant.

Some of the pods may have failed. The one we are in is still operating, but because we are in the Earth, and the sun is heating our planet, we are experiencing a warming environment in our matrix system. If this story is true, our days are probably numbered no matter what we do as a society to attempt to save ourselves.