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Are Vapor Trails Causing Weather Change?

By James Donahue

There is little doubt left in anybody’s mind these days that the world’s weather is changing drastically. And a buildup of carbon dioxide and methane gas emissions is getting blamed. But could the real culprit be something going on right over our heads . . . those ubiquitous vapor trails constantly appearing across the sky?

It appears that the trails are being deliberately sprayed to create artificial clouds of metallic substances that reflect sunlight, thereby reducing solar heating. Some believe it is part of a geoengineering project designed to help battle climate change.

While all technical reports state that geoengineering remains in the discussion stage, with no government involved in actually doing it, part of the plan involves the aerosol spraying of nanoparticulates of various heavy metals to form artificial clouds. The fact is that we have been seeing these formations of vapor trails in our skies for years now, without anyone explaining just what they are or why it is being done. Because they appear in straight lines before fanning out to broad cloud-like formations, there is little doubt that they are artificially produced.

A general explanation has been that they are natural vapor trails produced by the armada of large jet aircraft flying out skies. But contemporary jet engines are being carefully designed now to not produce these kinds of vapor trails.

The whole topic of geoengineering involves the deliberate and large-scale alteration of the Earth’s climate and the reduction of global warming. It involves more than simply spraying chemicals in our skies, however.

If imposed, researchers say solar radiation management not only would involve aerosol spraying of stratospheric sulfates and aluminum oxide particles, but utilizing light shades in building roofing and road paving, spraying sea water in the skies to whiten clouds and shooting large mirrors into space to redirect the rays of the sun.

Representatives for the Climate Geoengineering Governance Project at Oxford and the Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering project at University of Bristol say all of the above ideas have been studied but found to contain serious dangers. They say all of them reduced temperatures, but worsened the probability of floods and droughts for over half of the global population compared to the expected impact of climate change as it is occurring now.

Technology that sucks carbon dioxide and methane gas from the air would be less risky, the studies found. But such technology is not in existence and it might take decades to develop. We don’t appear to have that much time.

We view photographs of large aircraft spewing out long trails of a white fluffy substance that appears to spread out and form artificial clouds. In fact, some conspiracy buffs theorize that there are very few natural clouds left in our skies. Are we looking at a major military weather modification project? Is the material in those clouds designed to kill a lot of people, protect us from a looming bacterial attack, or change our weather patterns for some heinous reason unbeknown to us?

The website Geoengineering Watch is filled with videos and stories linking the chemtrails in the sky with climate change, with public health threats and a variety of conspiracy theories. But none of them name a culprit in all of this. The stories say a thin dust filled with the minute metal particles from the aerosol spraying filter down in our atmosphere, sticking to our cars and getting in our lungs.

It appears that chemtrails, like crop circles, are a mystery yet to be explained.