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Those Black Triangle Ships In Our Skies

By James Donahue

The first time I was made aware of the massive black triangle shaped UFOs was about 1997 when I was working as a reporter for the White Mountain Independent in Show Low, Arizona.

The newspaper was a little bi-weekly publication run by the most unconventional pack of journalists, editors and advertising salespeople I have ever known. A fellow news writer, who packed a .45 caliber revolver, drove a four-wheel drive truck with camouflage covering, and probably belonged to a militant group of survivalists, told me one day that his "sources" reported such a craft sighted off our western coast.

This man said he heard that our military scrambled a squadron of jets and went into a high state of readiness, just short of declaring war, because of the sighting. The craft was considered a threat to the United States.

He said the craft was described as a very large triangular ship that was sighted just off the California coast and not responding to radio identification requests.

The truth of the story could not be confirmed. I saw nothing of it on the nightly news, or read of it in any of the many newspapers we received in the office. Since then, however, the sightings of those black triangular ships have been frequently reported by the media. That is because the ships have been seen everywhere.

I personally saw one. Or at least I saw its shadow in the night sky where it appeared to be hovering over our heads. It was a clear night but there were no stars to be seen where that massive object floated.

Just from the span of the darkness . . . that part of the sky where there was absolutely no light . . . we had to surmise that it was a very large craft. There was no way of calculating just how high in the sky it was. The other eerie thing about the ship was that it made no sound. And it did not appear to be moving.

Other people claim to have seen these same large ships moving over large populated areas, with bright lights showing. They say the ships seem to drift slowly over them, making no attempt to keep their presence a secret.

And to this day, no one has publically determined just what these ships are, or where they come from.

A now defunct organization called The National Institute for Discovery Science, Las Vegas, was cataloging the triangle sightings and keeping a computer database. The Institute was a privately funded organization that did research on aerial phenomena. Before shutting down, the Institute issued a statement that the U.S. has experienced a wave of triangle sightings that intensified in the 1990s, and were being "openly deployed over and near population centers." The study concluded that "neither the agenda nor the origin of the flying triangles are currently known."

We spoke with a remote viewer who looked inside one of these mighty ships out of curiosity.

His drawings suggests that the design of the ship shows that it consists of some kind of forged metal simply bolted or riveted together almost in a crude manner. Yet the complex crystalline pattern in front of the "alien" operator offers an image of an advanced technology that we are incapable of understanding.

The questions his drawings generate are numerous, and beyond what the viewer perceived, there have been no answers. Other than observation, or announcement that visitors from other worlds are among us, there have been no other logical reasons for these sightings.