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The Incredible Gunung Padang Pyramid

By James Donahue

The Sundanese people on the Indonesian Island of Java long believed the large hill with ancient megalithic structures on its top was a sacred place that existed on a natural earth formation. But in 2010 Dr. Danny Hilman Natawidjaja, an American trained geologist, declared the hill a possible man-made pyramid and began using modern technology to prove it.

Using ground penetrating radar, seismic tomography, direct excavations and even resorting to deep core drilling, Natawidjaja has literally shocked the archaeological world with unbelievable data.

After the discovery of evidence that the structure has been built and rebuilt at least four different times in the past, with each one resting on top of the former one. The research has found evidence of deeply buried man-made chambers and carbon dated material dating an estimated 26,000 years in the past.

Writer and researcher Graham Hancock, who has visited the site, recently wrote that the information was so shocking that the "archaeological establishment in Indonesia banded together against Dr. Natdawidjaja and his team, lobbied the political authorities, agitated locally and succeeded in slowing down, though not completely stopping further exploration of Gunung Padang.

The data strongly suggests that humans living on Earth at the time of the last Ice Age were far more advanced than archaeologists and historians have long believed. Graham asks if the site isn’t "proof of a lost advanced civilization of prehistoric antiquity?"

Archaeological work at this massive site is still in its early stages, so there is much to be learned as the "hill" of earth is slowly excavated and its secrets revealed. Preliminary data shows that the final structure at the top of the pyramid was completed in about 5000 BC.

Boring to a level of eight to ten meters below the surface, there is construction work dating back about 12,500 years. And there appears to be two earlier levels of construction lying buried under that.

Large chambers have been located at 15 meters down.

Another exciting aspect of the site, additional ancient stone structures have been found surrounding the hill. There is a lot to be learned at Gunung Padang and it is going to take a lot of work, and possibly years of digging before we discover what really lies under that long-overlooked pyramid-shaped hill.

The site is massive, at 61 acres. It is located on the west end of Java, directly south of Jakarta.