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Dare We Welcome In The New Year?

By James Donahue

As world events continue to shock and astound us, many people are starting to wonder what we should expect to happen during the year 2015.

Hardest to accept has been the rapid division between the tiny number of people in control of the world’s wealth, and the rising unrest among the billions of people suffering from rising debt, hunger, disease and homelessness. Everywhere there is warfare of some kind, mostly terrorism or cyber hacking. We in the United States are watching our own nation assume the role of a world bully and fear repercussions from our actions against other nations.

We find ourselves struggling to make ends meet, maintaining the style of living we once enjoyed, and hoping against hope that we won’t get sick or be struck with some other disaster that will leave us destitute.

In our daily search of the Internet news pipeline we are seeing more and more stories that warn of rumors of something terrible that appears to be in planning for next year. This "terrible thing" seems to range from a planned collapse of the economy to a crushing new form of bacteria that spreads plague and death across the land. The growing problem of climate change threatens to destroy crops, dry up fresh water supplies and bring killer storms down upon us all. And there is that frightening militarization of state and local law enforcement agencies with once friendly neighborhood cops changing to black-booted armed thugs that shoot first and ask questions later. Citizens are in rebellion. They are marching by the thousands on the streets of some of our largest cities.

Then there is a strange "feeling" that many of us are psychically sharing that something terrible is about to come down upon us all, and that this "big event" is about to happen soon.

Writer Susan Duclos wrote the following in an article published on All News PipeLine: "Whether readers are those that have been following the warnings and watching the signs, or those that just "feel" that something huge is coming, or even those that believe that prophecy is playing out before our very eyes . . . most know that chaos is coming and the world as we know it is about to change, not just earth . . . but a fundamental shift in the global power structure . . . all signs are pointing to an endgame scenario of some kind."

Our thought is that a dramatic paradigm shift is sorely needed . . . but does it have to take a negative turn? Is it not possible for billions of people in this world to mentally perceive a loving attitude toward our fellow humans, no matter their skin color, their religious affiliation or their way of life?

Can we not all follow the example now being set by Pope Francis in Rome, and take the time to reach down and hug the little child that tugs at our pant leg, or feed the homeless man on the street just outside our house?

It is due time for everyone to start pulling together to save our planet from catastrophic self-destruction, and save ourselves from extinction. The only way to accomplish this is to turn away from materialism, adopt a socialist form of government that recognizes all men as equal, and spread the remaining resources equally among every nation.

The call for a one-world government might be a move in the right direction. But this government must not be the nation that wins a world war and rises in dominion over all the others. It would be best if we gather collectively, in one mind, and accept a completely new way of doing business. Those "too big to fail" banks and corporations must be shut down. Those corrupt judges on the Supreme Court and corrupt money exchangers in the temple must give up their power so that the government we create can again be fair and just for all mankind.

Let us all stop living in fear and trembling as we move into this new year. Instead, let us think loving and positive thoughts and make 2015 a year to remember. Make it the year that everything changed for the better. Make it a year when everybody laid down their arms and their bombs, and reached out to their neighbors with helping hands.