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Will Voters Use Their Heads Or Are They Zombified?

By James Donahue

After months of being pounded by "dark" political advertising on their nightly television programming, some Americans are going to the polls Tuesday to participate in mid-term elections.

Since there are no presidential candidates running, the mid-term elections traditionally draw fewer voters to the polls. But this particular mid-term election is perhaps among the most important vote of this era. That is because there has been a powerful push by the strong "right-wing" Republicans, backed by a lot of corporate money to gain control of both the House and Senate, and thereby take total control of the Obama Administration’s efforts to accomplish anything more of his conservative Democratic agenda.

This is what the "dark money" turned loose by the Supreme Court in the Citizen’s United decision has been attempting to accomplish, both on state and national levels. The question is whether most voters will see through this subterfuge and use their heads when they pull those levers, or act like zombies and vote the way that smooth-talking voice on their televisions tell them to vote.

If the multi-billion dollar advertising campaign pays off for big corporations, and the Republicans do gain total control of the two houses, America is in for a very bumpy ride at least for the next two years. And if Citizen’s United can’t be overturned, our plutocratic form of government may be here to stay. The United States won’t be either a Republic or a true democracy any more. We will have been turned into an olegarchy.

What many thinkers fear will happen with the two houses under control of the Republicans, will be an effort to completely dismantle all of the work accomplished during the Obama presidency. This will probably include efforts to dismantle Obamacare, continue to ignore climate change and block any national efforts for environmental protection, slam a block on efforts to increase the minimum wage, ignore immigration reform, block federal judicial nominees, ban abortions, ban same sex marriage and possibly even try to impeach Mr. Obama.

Will Medicare and Social Security be under attack?

When you think about it, this may be a much more important election than most Americans think. We know this because of the ongoing efforts to make it harder for the poor and working class Americans to be allowed to cast ballots. These are the people who tend to vote Democratic.