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Going Silent December 10 For The Earth

By James Donahue

He is just 11, but Itzcuauhtli Roske-Martinez and his older sister, Xiuhtezcatl, 14, are gaining world-wide attention via Facebook because Itzcuauhtli has gone silent in protest to the failure of world leaders to take action against climate change.

They also have created a simple website at where supporters can sign up for a single day of silence on December 10.

The two are promoting the day of silence as part of their "eco-hip-op" performances for Earth Guardians, an international organization of youth collectively seeking to ignite a world-wide change in attitude about the burning of carbon fuels for energy.

The organization also is releasing a music video Dec. 15, titled "Be the Change."

In a story that appeared on the Truthout website, Xiuhtezcatl said her brother decided to go silent on October 24 after attendng an environmental conference at Newark Liberty International Airport, in New York. He says he will not speak again until he is convinced that world leaders agree to implement a global climate recovery plan, reforest the planet and support green energy replacements for fossil fuels.

The boy's silence has created problems for him in school. Consequently, his mother has agreed to home-school him.

The children are asking people to sign up on their website, or by visiting them on Facebook. They say thousands of children and adults from all over the world have already committed themselves to recognize December 10 as a day of silence in support of Itzcuauhtli's stand. Some say they have already joined him and have privately gone silent.

They perceive the silence as an ironically twisted way of "being heard."