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Was The Election Rigged Or Is It Something Else?

By James Donahue

With billions in "dark" corporate money financing the barrage of twisted political advertising that had most Americans tearing their hair or fleeing to Netflix programming, we thought perhaps the "fix" set up by the Supreme Court Gang of Five might be so obvious that a majority of voters would see through the trickery.

They might have, but there was more to the Republican trickery this year than just the takeover of the nightly television stations. There was a thing called gerrymandering, or the redistricting of voting lines carefully designed to give G.O.P. candidates an edge at least on a local basis, and then there was the rash of new state laws requiring a photo identification cards before we could even get the right to vote. Some states asked for more than one proof of who we were. Most of us have a driver’s license with a photo of ourselves on it. But where do we get the second photo identification card? That rule alone eliminated most middle and low income voters . . . the ones most likely to support Democratic Party candidates, from casting ballots.

Yes, there was a lot of obvious "rigging" of the election. But even at that, it seems odd that a majority of voters would approve re-election of so many do-nothing incumbents and reinforce their deadlocked cause by replacing Democrats with more Republicans, giving both the House and Senate control of the Capitol. Their agenda appears to be designed to tear down all of the work President Barack Obama and the Democratic controlled House of Representatives managed to accomplish in the past six years.

They want to stop the Environmental Protection Agency from taking critical steps toward climate control, rescind the new national health care program, block Mr. Obama’s efforts to resolve some of the nation’s immigration problems, and freeze badly needed federal dollars for restoring the American infrastructure. Their goal is to direct that tax money into the military industrial complex, thus sending more young Americans off to more war.

Are American voters really that foolish, or was there another factor involved in the election that we haven’t heard about?

Would you believe that there is a new virus circulating that makes people stupid? In a report recently revealed at the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers at Johns Hopkins Medical School found that the gene, called Chlorovirus ATCV-1, has been found to be present in about 45 percent of the people tested.

While they haven’t determined the source of this virus, it is effectively altering the gene expression of human brain cells, making people perform poorly on cognitive tests, visual processing and spatial awareness. In other words, it is making people who get this virus unable to function with a normal degree of intelligence.

There are naturally a lot of unanswered questions regarding this newly discovered virus. Where did is come from? How are people contracting it? How long has it been among us? How does it spread from host to host? And finally, was it a manufactured virus especially designed to dumb down the masses?

Writer Mike Adams recently revealed the Johns Hopkins report on his website, Natural Health News. In his commentary Adams warns that the virus "may be crucial to powering the U.S. economy because people infected with it create economic activity by spending money on lottery tickets, cell phone insurance and synthetic children’s vitamins laced with aspartame. Without the aid of this virus, much of the economy would grind to a halt and sales of popular sports drinks would collapse to almost nothing."

And worst of all, people who are not thinking clearly can be goaded by clever political television advertising into voting for people who do not have their best interests at heart.