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Spontaneous Burning
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Combustible Town In Sicily

By James Donahue

Fires have been breaking out in homes and buildings throughout the village of Canneto di Caronia, Sicily, since January, 2004, and nobody has determined the cause. The entire town became so dangerous the people were evacuated for several months. Now since the summer of 2014 the phenomenon has started again and the people have moved out once more.

People say things burst into flame without warning. Mattresses, cars, cell phones, refrigerators, radios, televisions and a variety of household items are just being hit with spontaneous combustion, even when the electricity has been turned off. One fire even broke out at the local water plant. Another burned a bundle of wiring that was unattached to any circuit.

Apparently nobody has been hurt.

The local electric company replaced the town’s wiring service and made improvements along the entire grid serving the community. It did not help.

Authorities have conducted a thorough investigation and they say they find no evidence of arson. Outside investigators have been called upon to examine the situation. Experts from the electric company, universities, environmental agencies and even the military have been in the village and they report no logical or natural cause of the fires.

Because the mystery remains unsolved, various theories have evolved. They range from ghosts and evil spirits, someone that is pyro kinetic and may not realize it, a malicious person using a Tesla-type magnifying transmitter, and even aliens starting the fires from UFOs flying overhead.

One newspaper published a leaked government report that suggested the fires were caused by alien forces. The story said the fires were "caused by high power electromagnetic emissions which were not man-made."

But if the latter was true, why would these aliens target one small village in Sicily and not share the fire phenomenon with everybody else?