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Is Ebola A Population Control Weapon?

By James Donahue

When Mikhail Gorbachev hosted a "global brain trust" gathering of some 400 of the world’s most influential people in San Francisco in 1995 a primary topic of discussion was the problem of world overpopulation.

That was a decade ago. Since then, world leaders have remained unusually stoic about the fact that the population numbers have jumped to seven billion or higher and that the world lacks resources to provide for so many people.

The big news stories have been about wars and threats of war, about crazed people going on killing sprees in populated areas, about extreme weather, finance, and the growing threat of Ebola in Africa.

At the root of all of the above news reports has been the ever increasing crisis of a worsening number of people trying to share a limited amount of space and resource on a single planet. Some researchers have calculated that we need over two planets the size of Earth to accommodate over seven billion people.

Nobody wants to say it, but the solution to this problem is simple. It involves the elimination of about half of the people in the world. If people won’t stop having babies, then there must be a blood slaughter to fix this mess.

When the first human cases of Ebola were reported in the Congo some 40 years ago, it proved to be such a virulent virus that it attacked hosts too quickly to allow it to spread. Thus for years Ebola remained specifically an "African" problem.

The virus, however, has mutated. While it remains an African problem at this time, the disease now waits for days . . . sometimes weeks, before attacking its host. This gives a person infected with the virus time to travel from village to village . . . from village to city . . . and most feared . . . from city via aircraft to other parts of the world.

Ebola is a form of hemorrhagic fever that attacks with vengeance, rarely leaving the victim a chance for recovery. People who get this virus virtually bleed to death.

This new virus first struck in Liberia in West Africa, then spread to Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Senegal. Nearly 3000 people have been killed and the World Health Organization warns that as many as 20,000 cases may hit that part of the world before the end of the year.

Conspiracy theorists have been suggesting that world promoters of the so-called "New World Order" may be implementing a variety of new diseases designed to reduce the bulk of the world population. They warn of engineered viruses, tainted vaccines and even controlled weather designed to create crop shortages as ways of killing billions of people.

Is the new variety of Ebola virus something emerging from a nefarious laboratory or is it simply a speeded-up evolutionary process caused by unnatural changes like overpopulation and global warming?