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Climate Crisis
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Why Is The Media Ignoring The Big Story?

By James Donahue

Most Americans may be unaware of last month’s gathering of over 60 scientists in Japan to draft the latest warning about the impact of climate change on all life on Earth. 

The assessment by this group of researchers, representing about 100 governments at a meeting of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is that our unwillingness to stop the gross industrial pollution waged on our planet has now pushed us into a point where it appears irreversible.
Even if every nation acts immediately, and takes dramatic steps to stop the assault of carbons, chemicals and other toxins filling our air, ground and waters, we will be facing severe weather packed with destructive and deadly storms, crop failures, flooding, and drought, the spread of disease, refugees and war.

It’s not just about melting ice and the loss of endangered plants and animals anymore. The future of the human race is now at risk.
Instead of having a team of news reporters covering this important meeting in Japan, our nightly news has been inundated with stories about Flight 370, a missing Malaysian aircraft with 237 souls on board and the trial of Oscar Pistorius, a South African athlete charged with murdering his girlfriend.

While these stories are indeed tragic, and worth some coverage, the media has been overdoing it with daily, front page news reports even when there is nothing new to report. Do we have the feeling that the news outlets are going out of their way to make us all look over here when the real story is going on over there?

Indeed, the story over there is something the big corporations of industry, especially the energy tycoons, don’t want us worrying about. If we choose to band together to do something about the mass pollution of our planet, it means that coal and oil burning plants, cars, aircraft, trucks and ships must be parked. It means that deep sea oil exploration must be stopped. It means that chemicals must no longer be recklessly used in agriculture, manufacturing and household cleaning.
It means that life as we know it will be over. If we don't take action, life may be over. Period.

And as long as we can keep the machine running the way it has been, the big corporations, bankers and stock brokers will continue enjoying huge profits while the rest of us struggle along, dying of breathing noxious gasses in our air, eating poisoned foods and drinking bottled water. When the crops start failing, possibly even this year, food will become so expensive that the poor will begin to die of starvation.

After this, it is only a matter of time. Mass human extinction could be just around the corner.

This is the BIG story. And it is a story the corporate controlled media seems unwilling to report.