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The Atlantis Revelation

By James Donahue
Digging through some text by author Adrian Gilbert, I noted with interest that the Maya as well as the Aztecs who came after them, shared a story of four worlds.  Having once lived among the Hopi and Navajo in Arizona, I recognized that this is a myth shared by numerous cultures throughout the Americas.
In his book, The Orion Mystery, Gilbert suggests that the fabled civilization of Atlantis existed in the third age, and that some of the survivors of that great catastrophe escaped to Egypt and Central America, where somewhat similar cultures thrived and built stone monuments.
I somehow knew that Gilbert was probably right. If there was a great and thriving civilization on this planet before recorded history, the collective memory of that place still exists in all of us. Thus we have shared this story about a lost continent called Atlantis, spent years theorizing about it and looking for it, but never quite understanding it.
It was Plato who recorded this story for us, although I believe that he was merely putting on parchment a story that was being passed down for centuries. To this date, his dialogues of Timaeus and Critias that tell of the great island that fell into the sea, are regarded by some scholars as a mere fable without substance.
Yet there has been this haunting sense of familiarity about the story. Psychics, including the great Edgar Casey, predicted that the ruins of Atlantis would be found before the end of the Twentieth Century. Indeed, a remnant of great stone structures was discovered at the bottom of the Atlantic, near Cuba, in the Indian Ocean off India and in the Pacific, near Japan. 
James Churchward's book titled: Mu; The Motherland, is yet another version of the Atlantis story, but this place was an island allegedly existing in the South Pacific.
As a young man, I read everything I could get my hands on about both Atlantis and Mu, and was left perplexed about the great mysteries of our distant past. The subject was of such interest to me I once considered a career in archaeology.
If Gilbert is correct, and Atlantis existed before the flood, where was it located? Why is there evidence of ancient ruins under the oceans on both sides of the planet?
The obvious conclusion to this problem is that the stories of both Atlantis and Mu spring from our collective memory of a great civilization much like our own that was destroyed when the continents shifted and portions of the land fell into the sea. This civilization probably existed all over the world, not just on an island in the middle of the ocean. 
This, then, explains the discoveries of anomalies like steel nails, spark plugs, golden jewelry and even ancient toys that look like modern jet aircraft from deep in the ground. It explains the ruins of great buildings at the bottom of the oceans. And it explains the similarities of cultures that lived in the Far East, Middle East, Egypt and Central America prior to the writing of contemporary history.
These people were the survivors of great catastrophic events of the distant past. They settled all over the world after landing somewhere in what became the old Mesopotamian Empire where Iraq and Iran exist today.
If I am right, and if the stories passed down by the Maya and Hopi are correct, this is the fourth world following a third world that was Atlantis. The next logical question is what kind of civilizations existed before Atlantis and what happened to them?