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“Pleasure Drug” Idea Misses The Point
By James Donahue
A recent report from a UK think tank suggests a future world where mind-altering drugs to boost performance at school and on the job, to erase bad memories and “unlearn” addictions may soon be reality.
Also on the horizon are recreational drugs to promote better sex, think faster, relax, sleep or even alter our mood said Sir David King, chief scientific advisor to the Foresight group that prepared the report.
The report notes that the new breed of psychoactive substances will be less harmful than the illegal substances now costing society billions of dollars every year to control.
The report quickly brings to mind Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World in which a pleasure drug called Soma is used by future governments for social control.
Interesting that when asked about the similarity to Huxley’s Soma, team member Gerry Simpson noted: “If there is such a thing as Huxley’s Soma, that really does raise crucial questions for governments around the world about how legitimately to regulate a substance like that.”
In the midst of a bogus “war on drugs” that has become almost international in scope, the probability of developing a legal mind-altering drug is just about impossible to imagine. The only way it will happen is if this drug is, indeed, a tool by which governments can control the minds of the masses.
Pills that help enhance memory, ease the symptoms of the dreaded Alzheimer’s Disease, help people give up an addiction to tobacco or go to sleep are already on the market and more and better drugs are undoubtedly on the way. But as long as the religious dominating system prevails in our society, there are not going to be pleasure drugs even though common sense shows that they would provide some quality of life for hundreds of thousands of people struggling through lives of literal hell in this troubled world.
What is desperately needed by the masses is something we have already had for thousands of years, but was taken away from us.
These were the opiates, the mushrooms, the grasses and other natural things provided by the Mother Earth that were and still can be found under our feet. They were well known and popular medications and mind expanding substances that could, if allowed, help everybody open that sleeping third eye and see the universe as it really exists beyond that veil of mist from which it has been hidden for thousands of years.
While they are still used by shaman among aboriginal tribes around the world, the use of any of these natural mind-altering herbs and plants by people in general society is now mostly prohibited because of man-made laws. 
The danger isn’t that these substances would harm us. The danger is that we would see the truth and that the truth would destroy the world religious systems that have controlled us for thousands of years. America’s war on drugs has been a war against the evolution of human consciousness. 
This is why our jails are filled with young men and women who dare to defy the laws and grow or sell marijuana, peyote, and cocoa or opiate derivatives. It is why the battle to legalize marijuana has been so intense.

Included among these illegal narcotics is LSD, a synthetic drug developed by accident in a German lab that may have been a last-ditch gift to the world. If used properly and in a controlled environment, LSD can alter a person's perspective on everything. An even more potent psycodelic drug is DMT, a substance found it tree bark.
Instead of helping us break down the bicameral mind and evolve spiritually, however, because they are illegal and difficult to find, these drugs are produced in unprotected labs and sold on the street. Thus these gifts for helping mankind advance mentally have merely been used as party toys. Most humans remained as brain dead after consuming them as they were before. 
The error was that the substances were consumed without the right spiritual guidance to help the users reach a state of advanced mental awareness that lasted. What was needed was a world-wide awakening. Instead, the world turned itself into a police state.
The human race has lost its way.