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Eerie Aussie Encounter

By James Donahue

Searching the web for strange stories I came upon the following chilling tale which appears to have really happened although the writer remained anonymous.
The story involved a woman who worked as a professional house cleaner in the wine regions of Australia. She accepted a job from an elderly woman who wanted a large old rural house cleaned. When she arrived she found the house empty and very deserted, located on the end of a long driveway. The key was under a mat at the front door so she entered the house and went to work.

The emptiness and atmosphere of the old house unnerved the woman but she kept busy and nearly had her job finished. There were only two bedrooms left to be cleaned. It was then that she heard the back door of the house slam shut. She had heard no cars in the driveway and the sound of the door slamming startled the woman. She said she froze where she was standing for several minutes, listening for further noises. As time passed, and there were no other sounds, she began reasoning that she had heard something fall and that nobody was in the house.

She decided to finish the job and leave the house as soon as possible. But as she stepped into one of the two bedrooms, she found black and white photographs strewn all over the bed. When she looked at them she realized the pictures were all of her. They were all pictures of her working at various cleaning jobs, including the one she was now doing.
Some of the pictures were shot through windows, others over fences. It was as if someone had been watching and taking pictures of her secretly for a long time. This really unnerved her and she used a working telephone in the house to call the police. She left the house, got in her car and waited at the end of the driveway.

The woman who owned the house was found and questioned. She claimed innocence and suggested that the house had been broken into. The police found no evidence of anyone following the woman on her cleaning jobs.
The incident bothered the woman and her family so much that she moved to a new community a few weeks later.