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What Have They Found Under The Baltic Sea?

By James Donahue

For lack of a better name they have dubbed it the Baltic Anomaly. It is a 200-foot-wide somewhat oval shaped object resting at the bottom of the Baltic Sea that some are saying appears to be a crashed space craft that is not of this Earth.

It has almost a mushroom shape, with a bottom shaft pushing down deep into the sea floor. Earth is piled on one side as if it had once been pushed to its resting place. Also it is found to be slightly radioactive.

Whatever it is, most observers doubt if it is a natural rock formation.

The object was discovered in 2011 by Swedish shipwreck researchers Peter Lindberg and Dennis Asberg. “We saw it on sonar when we were searching for a wreck from World War I,” said Lindberg. “This circular object just turned up on the monitor.”

Further research produced yet another surprise. A similar disk shaped object was found about 200 meters from the first discovery.
A report in the Daily Mail said the sonar images show the object is about the size of a jumbo jet, shaped like Han Solo’s spaceship in the Star Wars movies. Not only that, but there are about 400 meters of drag marks leading away from it across the ocean floor.

The Swedish research firm Ocean Explorer is currently raising money to finance an extensive study and perhaps salvage operation to find out what this thing is and how it may have gotten there. Another firm, Ocean X, is aboard the research ship Ancylus for a summer research operation that began June 1. The object lies at a depth of about 275 feet so it will be a deep-water operation.

In the meantime, Ocean Explorer is taking tourists and shipwreck hunters in submarine trips to get a close-up look at the object.

Diver Stefan Hogeborn, a member of the Ocean X research team, said he has never seen anything like it. He said from close up the object looks like a giant mushroom rising about 13 feet from the seabed, with rounded sides and jagged edges. He said the object has an egg-shaped hole in the top as if this was an opening.
Also at the top of the object, Hogeborn’s team found stone circle formations that look something like small fireplaces. They are covered with something that looks like soot.

“I went down there to answer questions but I came up- with even more questions,” Hogeborn said.

Even more strange is that Hogeborn's team has found that their electronic equipment and even their satellite phones stop working when directly above the anomaly. He said the effect begins at about 200 meters away.

The Ocean X team signed a partnership agreement with Titan TV production. Titan filmed a documentary for an international audience.

Divers have recently removed a piece of the object and found it to contain Limonite and Coethite, materials found in iron oxides. Thus some skeptics are saying the object may be an old gun turret from a warship or perhaps a submarine trap dropped there during the war.
Lindberg believes the object is ancient . . . possibly from a pre-ice age period. He is guessing that it dates back over 140,000 years. There has been speculation that the object may be a trap door leading down into the earth, and may have been put there at a time when sea levels were so low that there was no Baltic Sea. Could it have been part of an ancient mining operation?

Of course the other well worn thought is that it is the remains of a crashed UFO that has been lying at the bottom of the sea for a very long time.

The questions are still being asked. The research continues.