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The Elephant Whisperer
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The Amazing Intelligence Of Animals

By James Donahue

I have never been able to understand how men can hunt and kill animals in the wild. I have owned many pets throughout my life, and grew up on a farm, living among a wonderful variety of wild animals living in the fields and forests surrounding our home.
The life that thrives all around us is convincing proof of the majesty of the Mother Earth, from whom all life springs. The birds, the beasts, the creeping and crawling creatures under our feet and in the soil beneath us are an amazing array of the power of the very creation of life. 

After many wonderful encounters with wild creatures of the forest and sharing our home with various cats and dogs, I have become convinced that the animals have empathy, devotion and even express sadness when events strike the household. We have watched animals actually mourn the death of other pets by staying by their gravesite for days. I have enjoyed pranks played on us by birds in our neighborhood. I have mentally communicated with the animals. They speak to us in mind images if we learn to open our brains to receive the messages.

Animals appear to be capable of communicating with each other telepathically. An amazing display of this ability involved various herds of elephants in Africa who came to mourn the death of the late Lawrence Anthony, a man who lived among the elephants and devoted his life to rescuing and rehabilitating these animals. He is the author of the book, The Elephant Whisperer.

When Anthony died in March, 2012, elephants began showing up at his South African home. A total of 31 elephants from at least two different wild herds walked in single file for miles, then stood in silent reverence for two days before leaving.

These elephants had been rescued by Anthony after authorities marked them to be shot as pests. They had behaved as violent, rogue creatures after the senior elephants in the herd were killed by hunters. Young elephants learn from their elders and without this training they tend to go wild and become dangerous. Anthony found a way to train and rehabilitate these wild elephants.

The intelligence of these animals was displayed in the fact that they somehow knew their trainer had died, they made a collective decision to pay their respects, and they strangely knew where Anthony lived.