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Viking Legend: Feb. 22 Marks The Beginning Of The End

By James Donahue
Forget the Mayan calendar and its foreboding cut-off date of December 21, 2012. Many worried that the Mayans foresaw the end of the world on that date. It came and went and nothing happened.

Now the new worry is a discovery of an ancient Viking legend that the apocalyptic end of the world as we know it will be signaled by a winter that will last three years without stopping. This the Norse believed, would be a period known as Ragnarok, which means “Doom of the Gods.”

Students of Norse mythology have calculated that Vikings believed this is all going to happen on Feb. 22, 2014. On that date terrible events will begin to happen. Major earthquakes will occur, the sea will rear up, the land will sink into the sea, fighting will break out everywhere and the soil and sky will be stained with poison. The boundaries that exist will crumble.

It is frightening to note that because of human activities that have left the land, sea and air polluted, caused the climate to go into dramatic change, and because nations of the world appear unable to stop warring with one another, portions of this Viking legend appear to be coming true before our eyes. As the ice caps melt, scientists warn that sea levels are rising and that major cities along the coasts of the nations may soon be flooded.

Before her death, my wife, Doris, was receiving warnings from The Abba Father that the Earth was going to get cold and sleep for a while. He said the reason for this was that the planet was going to go through a period of healing. During this time, a lot of people will perish.

On March 10, 2013, when we asked about the strange moaning sounds people were hearing all over the world, The Abba Father said: “Moan is from the Earth’s core and is about to be causing Earth to die. Worn out Earth is sick and needs sleep. The center of the Earth is cooling down to let Earth’s center stay stronger so now on the Earth’s surface will become colder than normal. If the Earth can hold on to this way, Earth will heal and wake up to a new beginning.”

The Abba Father said that during this time of cold, people will suffer from famine and a deadly virus that will take its toll. He said there will a chill over the entire Earth. A lot of people will perish during this time, but enough will survive that humanity will not go extinct. After this, the survivors will be given a fresh start.

The Viking legend has a strikingly similar conclusion to the three cold years of non-stop winter. The Norse story predicts that the terrible apocalyptic time will pave the way for a new Utopian world.

We can only imagine what that new world will look like. Will it be Eden all over again?