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Hiding Out In Underground Bunkers

By James Donahue

There seems to be a general knowledge among conspiracy theorists and perhaps even the general public that a network of underground bunkers has been prepared for government leaders and people of great wealth to flee to in the event of civil unrest, natural disaster or military attack.

Stories are told that the U.S., Russian and perhaps even Chinese governments have built literal underground cities, spanning hundreds of thousands of square feet, and they are complete with homes, stores, electric power generators, sewer treatment facilities and even factories. The idea is that in the event of a global cataclysm a remnant of the human race would have a place to go and perhaps survive the chaos occurring overhead.

At first thought it might seem unfair that places like this exist for only the elite among us, and that the masses of humanity will be left above ground to suffer the consequences of whatever calamity may fall our way.

But on second thought, be it a threat of nuclear war, a looming collision with a wayward asteroid, the onset of a new ice age or mass destruction of the world’s food supply, this writer knows that he would choose not to flee into underground bunkers, even if he had a choice.

During my years working as a reporter employed by major corporate media outlets, I noticed something very disturbing occurring. Certain people were selected from the herd and groomed for executive positions, while the rest of the workers were left to struggle with the others, answering to the tyrannical demands of the young "leaders in training." I noticed that the young crop of new editors and executives were not necessarily the smartest people on staff. They were always the tall, most handsome, and best groomed of the lot. Their decisions were often the work of fools and it was no surprise to me that the old and effective way of gathering and reporting the news was abandoned for new and ineffective ways of offering public entertainment without informing anybody as to what was really going on.

If this was happening within the corporate news workers, we have to assume the same kind of self-destruct decisions have been occurring in American owned and operated corporations all around the world. The result of this is inevitable. We have put the fools in charge.

So with this in mind, imagine the chaos that would be going on in those underground bunkers if the day comes when the fools are sent in their chauffeur-driven limousines to hide for weeks if not months or years.

The last place I would want to be if the planet was suffering a nuclear war, extreme weather event or some other natural or unnatural disaster is hiding in an underground bunker with tons of rock hanging over my head. And how could we peacefully co-exist with former world executives, military leaders and elected officials that were handed their power through unnatural selection? Without natural survival thinking, this pack of underground dwellers would be doomed from the start.

My choice, if it were mine to make, would be to take my chances above ground and hope, if worse comes to worse, that the first bomb would explode directly over my head and that I would never know what hit me.