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Arctic Cool-Down
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More Arctic Ice – What is Going On?

By James Donahue

They called it global warming because of a "greenhouse effect" created by a buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Leading scientists have been warning that the planet may become too hot to sustain life if we don’t get carbon emissions under control.

We have been experiencing extreme weather conditions. The storms are more powerful and more destructive. Winters are colder, snow storms are more severe, summers are hotter, rains are causing flooding, tornadoes are more plentiful and more destructive, and there is drought where it has always rained.

But this year something very strange has been happening. What was predicted to be an active hurricane season has been late getting started. And while Antarctic ice is still in melt-down, the arctic ice is coming back. Various ships that planned to travel through the Northwest Passage after it opened for the first time in recorded history in 2012, became caught in ice this summer and other ships were forced to turn back.

A story in the UK Mail stated that a colder than expected summer created a million more square miles of ocean covered ice in the arctic since summer, 2012. This amounts to an increase of 60 percent of the arctic ice. This information comes to us just as the annual autumn "refreeze" is expected to begin.

So what does this mean? Is global warming not occurring after all? Or is something even more ominous about to sweep our planet due to human failure to be good stewards of the Mother Earth?

In her last sessions with The Abba Father before her death, my wife, Doris Donahue, began getting warnings of a dramatic cool-down of the planet that was about to affect all life on Earth.

During a session on March 10, 2013, we asked The Abba Father about strange moaning sounds being recorded all over the world. The answer: "Moan is from the Earth’s core and is about to be causing earth to die. Worn out Earth is sick and needs sleep. The center of the Earth is cooling down to let Earth’s center stay stronger so now on the Earth’s surface will become colder than normal. If the Earth can hold on to this way Earth will heal and wake up to a new beginning."

On March 19 we asked again about this strange and foreboding message. We were concerned about the future of mankind. The Abba Father said there will be a future for some and that there will be enough of a remnant of humanity left to avoid extinction. He said: "Turned inside out is the new world. It is not like the one we know. It will become a peaceful place but surviving what is ahead will not be easy."

We asked what will be occurring in the months ahead. The answer: "famine, deadly virus is there now. Under the Earth it is turning cold and soon will cause a chill over the entire Earth. Too many will not make it but enough will."

It appears that we still had time to divert this horror even as late in 2011. Late that year we received the following message: "No one helps another. This will become a blight on Earth; soon to become desolate. So the solution is to prepare our systems to carefully tend to the Garden no matter what another thinks. Toil like this heals even a small portion. The world is living not dead yet, so awake ones can protect what is left. You must stat now. Do not wait. The Earth needs you.

"The Earth wails now in desperation for help. She cannot speak. She cannot bear the torture to her back any longer. So rise up you who are seeing and the lovely ones who processed this way for a long time. The Mother is grateful for your energy. Queens and kings are they all. Gifted ones come forth now to help. Do not give up."

Doris died unexpectedly on June 15, 2013. Thus contact with The Abba Father has ended.