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America Needs A Third And Honest Political Party

By James Donahue

The frustration among the working (and jobless) members of the nation’s citizenry is growing as we watch our elected state and national representatives bow down to corporate gangsters and pass laws misdirecting our tax money and erasing our constitutional rights. We see the rich getting richer and the poor and middle class getting desperately poorer.
Some groups are trying to fight back. The Occupy movement gained some traction for a while but it lacked leadership and direction and all but fizzled out. Yet the anger that stimulated the public campouts and demonstrations has not gone away.
As the nation gears up for yet another election there is murmuring among voters . . . they want to throw out the bums that are giving away the nation. But who will we elect in their place? With the power of the corporate dollar, backed by the sold-out high courts, it is a sure bet that the winners will ride into office on false promises, slick campaign advertising, and lots of corporate money stuffed in their pockets. Thus we will likely replace old gangster lawmakers with new ones.
We watch as our hard-earned tax dollars slip through the fingers and into the pockets of Washington politicians and flutter off into the pockets of the wealthy CEOs of companies profiting via the industrial military complex, the quest to find more oil and gas reserves and development of costly and ineffective agricultural products and medicines.

The things we really want are being ignored:

We want something done about our dangerously threatened environment.
We want good-paying productive jobs.

We want inexpensive and quality health care for all.

We want housing for everybody.

We want quality education for all children, not just for those who can afford it.

We want our nation’s infrastructure repaired and rebuilt to meet our needs.

We want our propensity for war to cease.

We want an honest Congress to control our money and the Federal Reserve dismantled.

We want news outlets that we can trust; that report real unbiased news, that operate free of the puppet strings of corporate ownership and political motive.

We want real trustworthy and inspirational leadership that works hard for the best interests of the nation and the people of the world.

How to we get these things? We believe a good place to start is the creation of a third political party built on the platform listed above. It would probably look like a socialist system because that is what it is going to take to shake off the shackles of capitalism that has bound us for so long. But after years of warring and hearing propaganda against communism, there is a stigma attached to the name socialism. People have been led by a corrupted media to believe that socialism and communism are the same thing, and consequently both are evil. We have been led to believe that Communism and Socialism are a threat to Capitalism and that Capitalism is needed to keep the wheels of American business turning in a Democratic society.

There is a distinct difference.
Socialism involves a sharing of the wealth of the nation for the equal benefit of all. America already uses socialism in the form of Medicare, Social Security, construction and maintenance of public utilities and postal delivery. It has worked well for years. It is an economic system that is not in conflict with a Democracy.

Communism involves a total takeover of the wealth, property and the people by the state, and then allowing the leadership to decide how the wealth is used. This idea has failed because it opened the door to dictatorial control.

Capitalism puts the control of the economic system in the hands of corporate stockholders and private individuals. Because private individuals own property and business instead of government, the concept has been espoused as an economic freedom inseparable from democracy. This is a lie that has been skillfully used to enslave workers and beat back efforts to make the system work fairly through collective bargaining.

America can take a big step toward solving its problem of political gridlock in Washington and in state governments by creating a third socialistic political system and putting good honest people in office dedicated to adopting its platform.