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Will Time Tinkerers Alter Our Future?

By James Donahue

The work of Dr. Lijun Wang at the NEC research institute in Princeton seems to have given us a glimpse of multi-dimensional reality.

When Wang transmitted a pulse of light towards a chamber filled with specially treated cesium gas, and recorded its travel through the chamber at an accelerated speed of up to 300 times the speed of light, he proved the possibility of time travel.

Before the pulse fully entered the chamber, Wang reported that it appeared at the same instant at a point 60 feet across the laboratory. In effect, it existed in two places at the same time. Thus Wang not only proved that objects can move at speeds exceeding the earlier prescribed limit of 186,000 miles per second, but he proved Einstein's theory that time slows when objects travel at a speed approaching (and exceeding) the speed of light.

The implications of this are mind-boggling. Wang's work hints that time travel is quite possible. And if we can't physically travel through time, we just might create machines that allow us to physically look backward if not forward through time. Certain psychics, sometimes called prophets, have already been doing this for thousands of years, but they use an ancient technique identified as right brain functioning. Nostrodomus, Casey and Isaiah (a Biblical prophet) are among the best known examples

I have been an avid science fiction buff most of my life and am fascinated by the complexities that might be created by time travel. Traveling to the past and tinkering with certain events might have a profound effect on the universe as we know it.

Immediate thoughts about what we might be able to do with this kind of information excite the mind. What if, for example, we could go back in time and encourage Adolf Hitler to pursue his artistic talents rather than go into politics, persuade President John F. Kennedy to stay out of Dallas, and urge Henry Ford to concentrate his resources on developing a hydrogen burning or perhaps a solar powered engine? How different our world might be if our cars all used this clean burning energy, if Kennedy had lived, and if World War II never happened.

Do not expect good to come of this kind of invention, however.

I am deeply disturbed by the perception that something is defective in the human spirit. While we have, indeed, been able to achieve great advances in technology, we always manage to use these new inventions to accomplish evil. The material created by the Chinese to make joyful fireworks became gunpowder for guns and bullets. Einstein's great theory of relativity led directly to the nuclear bomb, a weapon so terrible it still gives us the power of destroying the Earth at the push of a button. The principles behind Tesla's magic ray, that he believed could move free energy through the air to serve millions of people, have been seized by our military to develop HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). HAARP is a powerful reverse radio beam that can heat the Earth's ionosphere to boiling, alter weather patterns, and trigger earthquakes on the other side of the world. HAARP also seems to have the potential for world destruction.

If someone does succeed in inventing a time traveling machine, what do you suppose we will do with it? What if such a device is already operating and some future "committee" is busy tinkering with current events? Of course we would be totally unaware of it. As any sci-fi buff will tell you, the moment the past is altered, the present is instantly changed, and those of us left in the present have no memory of the world we knew yesterday.

It is my opinion that the human race is not spiritually or mentally ready to handle these kinds of toys. We should never have been given the nuclear bomb or Tesla's death ray. While we have advanced in technology, we seem to have mentally degenerated. We seem to be, as a human race, incapable of handling this kind of power once it falls into our hands. We always. . . and I repeat the word ALWAYS. . . blunder. Instead of using this power to improve our situation, we only make it more perilous.

Having said this, I still have reason to believe we can be optimistic about time machines.

We have evidence all around us that people in the far distant future have time machines and pass this way on occasion. The crop circles in our wheat fields seem to be testimony of this. They are intricate markings in a field of grain, all wonderful works of art that can be seen from the sky, but they only last for a brief week or two before lost to the elements. What other reason would there be for going to so much trouble? Could they not be markers left at particular places, at particular moments in time, to help guide the time travelers on their way? We might compare them to lighthouses that once helped ship's captains get their bearings in the fog.

If this is true, and future Earthlings are traveling in time, perhaps all is not lost after all. Their very existence is proof that the human spirit prevails, in spite of all the evil we have done to one another and to the planet that supports our existence here. 

It also gives us hope that someone with a much more level head, capable of properly dealing with time travel, is at the helm when this machine becomes reality. If this is so, then we might dream that a savior really will pull us out of the soup at the last moment. Only instead of dropping down out of the sky, as the Christians believe, this savior will come out of the future. I would like to think he (or they) already is in control of our destiny. Could it be that the long awaited apocalypse is an event carefully orchestrated from the future, designed to reduce the human population enough to save this planet?

One thing the contemporary psychics are saying is that the future can be changed, and that it is constantly being altered by our daily actions. One of the purposes of this column has been to make as many people as possible aware of certain dangers linked to contemporary actions, so that adjustments are made. The moment this happens, they say the things they see in the future are instantly changed.

The occultists compare it to walking down pathways with many forks. Our decision to make turns either to the right or left path changes the future forever. Each fork is a new universe. If we go one way we could be hit by a truck and destroyed. The other turn means that we see the truck coming and wait for it to pass.

It remains my hope that we choose the best path.