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The Prophetic "Dream Mine" Of John H Koyle

By James Donahue

Messages from a strange entity first started to come to Utah resident John H. Koyle in his dreams in August, 1894. Koyle said he had the same dream three nights in a row, and was shown exactly where to find a missing cow on his farm. After the cow was found exactly where the entity in his dream told him it would be, Koyle became a believer.

The entity warned of hard times ahead, accurately predicted the First World War, the coming of horseless carriages, the economic crash of 1929, and predicted that a Democrat (President Franklyn D. Roosevelt) would be elected to four consecutive terms in office. It instructed Koyle to gather followers and to reopen an ancient gold mine located in a mountain east of Salem, in Utah County, for the welfare of Koyle and his followers.

Strangely there were numerous other prophetic messages, some of them so accurate they convinced a lot of people, mostly members of the Mormon Church, to invest in Koyle's mystery gold mine.

The mine became a major project and a problem for the Mormon Church, which labeled Koyle a fraud and eventually excommunicated him before his death in 1947. Yet thousands of church members followed Koyle, nearly 700,000 shares of stock in the Relief Mine Co. (more commonly known as Koyle's Dream Mine) were issued, and the mining company, which still remains in operation, is located on a 1,800 acre site located in the Woodland Hills Area at the base of a mountain in the Wasatch Range, east of Salem, Utah.

An investigative report on the Salamander Society website noted that the mine has been operating since 1909 although "no serious mining has gone on inside the mountain for nearly 40 years." Yet the company still maintains the mine and the mining claims, conducts annual state-required assays and calls a stockholder meeting once yearly. Tenant farmers work the land and a gravel pit on the property produce income to pay the annual company tax bill.

The Salamander story notes that "everything is tidy and legal, but Relief Mine Co. isn't about gravel pits or dividends or the now-dead orchards on the land. The company and its stockholders merely are marking time until a century old prophecy comes true and the riches of the Nephites are brought forth to save the Earth."

What's that again? Nephites? A fortune used to save the Earth?

This was the prophetic vision Koyle received in his dream that drove him and his followers to open the mine in the first place. It seems that in the dreamk Koyle was shown the inside of an ancient mine with large vaulted rooms filled with gold and treasure left by the Nephites, an extinct civilization. He was shown where to dig and instructed to open the mine and prepare to extract the treasure for the welfare of "his" people. The great wealth would be revealed during a time of extreme world crisis.

While Christians and Moslems and Jews await the arrival of a messiah to save the world during times of world crisis, this strange sect of the Morman Church is waiting for their god to show them the gold. We have to wonder what good a lot of gold is going to do in a world that has become uninhabitable to life because of extreme air, water and ground pollution, nuclear fallout and the numerous other things we seem to be bent on doing to destroy our planet and our environment.