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A News Blackout
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What’s Going On At Fukushima?

By James Donahue

Last month the world received news that workers at Tokyo Electric Power Company’s 2011 earthquake and tsunami crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant complex were about to begin a long and extremely dangerous job of removing hundreds of stored fuel rods from a crumbling elevated structure located 100 feet above the ground at the Number 4 reactor.

The concern was that the rods were packed in like sardines, many of them bent and twisted, and that one mistake during the sensitive task of removing them while keeping them cooled with water could cause a nuclear explosion with the potential of blowing up all six nuclear plants in the complex.

A story in Japan Times said such an explosion could release 14,000 times the amount of radiation released by the Hiroshima atomic bomb. Fallout and debris from such a blast would have the potential of contaminating all of Japan and surrounding areas, the entire Pacific Ocean, the West Coast of North America and possibly the entire Northern Hemisphere of the world. Much of this area would remain uninhabitable for hundreds if not thousands of years, depending on the severity of the radiation.
Since that story was released, there has been a foreboding silence in the news about the goings on at Fukushima. There were rumors that the work was suddenly stopped at about the time it started because of an unexpected dilemma. There also has been a story in Forbes that Japan’s unemployed workers have been snatched up by a criminal element and forced to perform the deadly work.
This week we are receiving reports from various sources, with photographs shot from some distance, of great clouds of billowing steam or smoke pouring from one of the Fukushima plants. This is accompanied by speculation as to what is happening at the plant, and whether something is going terribly wrong with the fuel rods removal.

There has not only been a news blackout about Fukushima, but the Japanese government is moving toward passage of a state secrets law that would make it a serious offense for anyone to leak information about Fukushima to journalists. Thus if a dreaded total meltdown is inevitable, nobody will know until it happens. By then, it may be too late to escape the effects of the toxic impact such a blast will have on us all.

World occultists, astrologers and dreamers say they are having visions of great changes ahead for the world. Let us all pray the changes are not a plunge into total destruction.