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Are Rich Corporate Powers The Real Rulers Of The World?

By James Donahue

The failure on the part of America’s elected leadership to take the logical steps to repair the nation’s economic woes, tax the big corporations and wealthy individuals earning billions, and create real jobs for the struggling "middle class" appears to be the result of a silent take-over of the nation by the very wealthy.

This control of Washington has been going on for years from behind an imaginary curtain of secrecy. It is only in recent years that the understanding that the United States has shifted from a Democracy to the Plutocracy has made itself known. The concept of a Republic was lost almost from the start.

Plutocracy simply means rule by the rich. Those with their hands on the wealth also hold the power. They finance the counterfeit public elections while the corporate-owned media stirs public interest over false issues that are, in truth, a sham. The "two-party system" has become a sham. It doesn’t matter whether the Republicans or the Democrats take control in Washington. The winners of the elections are rarely, if ever, the people.

Thus the daily political circus going on in Washington, and published daily on our television screens and in print, is all a show. It is designed to make us believe our elected representatives are fighting on our behalf, but cannot agree on which direction to go. And behind closed doors, deals are being made that are designed to strip away the wealth and health of the nation and hand it over to the greedy few that hold the real keys to the kingdom.

A stunning report by Michael Brenner for Counter Punch puts what has happened to Washington politics in perspective. Brenner wrote: "The devolution of the Democrat Party from being the representative of ordinary people to being just ‘another bunch of guys’ is a telling commentary on how American politics has degenerated into a plutocracy. The party’s rolling over to accommodate the interests of the wealthy has been a theme of the past four years."

This may help explain how the aggressive Monsanto Corporation succeeded in slipping what is now called The Monsanto Protection Act into a complex spending legislative bill that not only won approval in the House and Senate, but was signed into law earlier this year by President Barack Obama.

That ugly piece of legislation now gives Monsanto power over the U. S. Food and Drug Administration and makes the company immune from federal courts in cases calling for the suspension or punishment for genetically engineered food products found to be dangerous to the people or the environment.

With this kind of power, Monsanto, which has been aggressively forcing its modified seeds into farm fields not only in North America but around the world, appears to be jockeying into a position of almost total control of the world’s food supply.

Not only this but a story by Sarka-Jonae Miller that recently appeared in Natural News notes that Monsanto and other corporations like Royal Dutch Shell and Nestle are busy buying up groundwater rights and aquifers at a time when fresh drinking water sources are drying up.

Miller warned that the privatization of water and the corporate control of public water sources may soon mean that everybody must pay for the water they drink. He predicted prices of $4 for a gallon of water.

When you put all of these issues involving Monsanto together, it appears obvious that this company’s long-range plan is to literally rule the world. When one major corporation controls the world’s food and water supplies, it also controls the people who must labor to buy it.

It is an ugly scenario that must be stopped quickly if it is not already too late. It is obvious that our elected leadership and our corporate-owned media are already working against us.

Brenner also warned that another dimension of the "consolidation of America’s plutocracy" has been the control of the media. Thus the corporations control "the means to shape how the populace understands public matters and, thereby, to channel thought and behavior in the desired direction."

A big example of media control has been its failure to "challenge the falsehood that Social Security and Medicare are the main cause of our deficits and whose imminent bankruptcy puts in jeopardy the American economy. Who even bothers to inform the public that these two programs’ trust funds draw on a separate revenue source from the rest of the budget?" Brenner wrote.

It appears that all of the hoopla over national and state elections, which now dominates our television news screens almost non-stop even though elections occur once every two years, is all part of the big corporate game. It is all a lie.