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Contacting The Ancient Master Djwhal Khul

By James Donahue

I ran into a reference to Djwhal Khul when researching the work of some of the early female psychics that gained prominence at about the turn of the century. The late Alice Bailey was a channeler who wrote books she claimed was dictated word-for-word by this spirit entity that she referred to as "The Tibetan."

When I found the same name, Djwhal Khul, included among a list of "ascended masters" that included Jesus Christ, Elijah and Saint Germaine as it appears in Crystal Links, I thought for a moment that this entity was a real human that existed for a while on Earth.

Master Djwhal Khul appears to be one of the alleged spiritual powers that occasionally come to people with special talents for receiving their messages. This entity projected its thoughts not only to Bailey, but to another noted psychic in Bailey’s day, Madam H. P. Blavatsky. It also communicated at some levels through a few others, including Janet McClure and Kathlyn Kingdon.

Most of the communications with Djwhal Khul occurred in the late 1800s until 1949, shortly before Bailey’s death. Books attributed to him, penned by Bailey, including "Treatise on Cosmic Fire," are said to have revolutionized spiritual thought and include teachings of ageless wisdom.

Bailey and her husband, Foster Bailey, founded The Arcane School to teach disciples how to follow the Great Universal Plan as outlined by her books. Followers believe they are guided by an inner hierarchy of spiritual masters that include not only Djwhal Khul, but other spiritual masters that exist in an astral realm and are contacted through gifted channelers like Bailey.

Bailey’s organization continues to flourish today on an international scale and has said to have been a major influence on the New Age movement.

So who are these ascended masters?

Some say Djwhal Khul was a real man who lived and taught in his native Tibet while he channeled thoughts to the West. Personal research failed to prove that he ever existed, or published any material during his lifetime.

While I do not understand just who and what this entity is, I do not believe it existed on the three-dimensional plane where we humans live. But Djwhal Khul, like the mystical spirit Aiwass that dictated the Book of the Law to Aleister Crowley in 1905 and communicated with my wife, Doris, regularly between about 1997 and 2003, appears to have been reaching out to us through gifted people with the ability to "see" or channel.

In my analysis of the Book of the Law, published on my website in 2003, I projected the idea that Aiwass was, in fact, the spirit of a gifted magickian that lived in ancient Egypt. I thought perhaps this man, a priest among the Pharos named Ankh-f-na-khonsu, may have been a time traveler who got a glimpse of something ominous that he saw would bring about the extinction of the human race.

But through recent communication between my wife and the Abba Father, we were told that Aiwass was not the spirit of Ankh-f-na-khonsu. Rather, he was, or is, part of a universal information system we know as The One, or The All.

Alice Bailey and the other channelers of her time seem to have been reaching into the collective unconscious library of universal information in their own unique way. It appears to be the same source of information used by all psychics who glean information from the past, present or future that can not be known to them through the normal senses.

What I find so amazing is the information received by these people, through channeling, sometimes comes in such complex and intricate form that it seems to originate in the minds of entities far more mentally advanced than mere mortals.

The writings of Bailey, for example, are difficult to understand and filled with layered levels of symbolism. The same can be said about the Book of the Law. While readers of Crowley agree that he was an intellectual giant and master of the English language, the Book of the Law seems to go beyond the scope of even the mind of Crowley.

Crowley, in his own writings, acknowledges that he did not create this work. He simply became the vehicle through which Aiwass delivered the words, including the art form that appeared on paper through Crowley’s pen.

Thus there is intelligence involved in this. It is as if there is a delegation of spiritual beings watching over those of us desiring to find and follow a better path than the world would have us take.