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Sending Demons To Hell

By James Donahue

The Rev. Gabriele Amorth, 88, the Vatican’s top exorcist, claims to have sent an estimated 160,000 demons into hell and he advocates allowing all priests in the Catholic Church to freely perform the rites of exorcism because of the huge demand for ridding the world of demonic powers.

Amorth says he is asking Pope Francis to change church rules to make it possible for all of the priests to do this work without getting special approval from their bishops. He also wants the priests to receive the training they need to deal with demons.

"We live in an age in which God has been forgotten. And wherever God is not present the Devil rules," Amorth said in a recent newspaper interview.

Amorth, and other Roman Catholic priests who practice the exorcism of demonic energies, appear to be confused about this business of eliminating the world of the dark energies the surround us. They are still operating under the rules and outdated superstitions that have controlled religious beliefs and spiritual misdirection among followers for centuries.

In our studies of the Spirits of the Goetia we have learned that there is a hierarchy among demonic energies. Many hold rank such as King, Duke or Marqi, and they command legions of lesser ranked demons to do their bidding. If the angelic world is as crowded with similar energies, this suggests that the invisible spirit world around us is packed with thousands if not millions of life forms, some attempting to be helpful to mankind and others up to mischief.

Christians believe that humans go either to Heaven, where God is supposed to live, or to Hell for eternal damnation if they fail to follow "the savior" on a personal spiritual pathway through life. But this story is built on ancient mythology and has no foundation. In our own exploratory voyages beyond the veil we not only have met up with entities in the spirit world, but learned that they all live on various plains of existence. The angels and demons appear to live on the same plain, which puts them all in close contact with humanity.

There also is a source of the great power and light from which all of creation originates. Many think of this as God. The desire of all life forms is to eventually return home, or back into the Light. This is true of the demonic forces as well.

Thus when Catholic priests perform exorcisms and send demonic spirits into Hell, as they claim, when we believe is really happening is that the demons are separated from their grip on the minds of the possessed, but they are simply tossed back into the spiritual realm where they are free to continue to perform their mischief.....attaching themselves to yet more unwitting souls. They are not tossed into Hell because there is no such place . . . unless it exists as a result of the creation of the mind of humanity.

When the Rev. Amorth claims to have sent 160,000 demons off into Hell, it means he has spent a lifetime pushing them into a revolving door. This may be why he believes there are so many demons in the world. After sending them off, they simply return to hex some other poor suffering human who fell into drug or alcohol abuse and left the door open for demonic intervention of the mind.

Amorth may have been exorcising many of the same demons over and over again, without knowing it.