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Joe Parr – The Expert On Pyramids

By James Donahue

The late Joe Parr, an electronics engineer, inventor, lawyer and student of the world pyramids, has probably gone down in the history books as one of the best known experts on pyramid energy fields.

Without learning why, Parr proved that energy fields exist around Pyramids, and in very strange ways.

Parr, who conducted a variety of interesting experiments, spent two nights on top of the Great Pyramid of Giza conducting electrical, magnetic and even radioactive measurements in 1977 and again in 1987. Those experiments, and other research involving smaller pyramid shapes, were said to have validated the stories that pyramids generate natural energy fields that are unique only to certain shaped pyramids.

To achieve his research, Parr invented what he called the Gamma-Ray Transucer, based on his discovery that pyramid energy involves gamma rays. There exists a spherical aetheric energy field centered at one-third of the height from the bottom of the pyramid.

Parr determined that the right shaped pyramid creates what he called a bubble or orb that surrounds a solid body of a pyramid that changes in strength and other properties with the seasons and may be somehow related to solar activity.

For example, he measured this energy field for over 20 years and discovered that it varies with the solar sunspot cycles. He found that by rotating a pyramid in an alternating magnetic field he could increase the energy within the bubble. As this energy field increases, Parr found that it partially blocked other energy fields like gravity, electromagnetism and radioactivity. He also found that objects within the bubble appeared to lose weight.

Parr also discovered that under certain conditions a pyramid appears to enter into hyperspace, or other dimensions, and pass through physical objects in our own dimension.

The experiments revealed that the pyramids must contain a shape with eight input ports, with four opposite pairs, positions every 45 degrees around the base. The pyramid must include four horizontal rods forming the base, and four vertical rods forming the edges.

Parr wrote that "my rendition of the secret of the pyramids only applies to pyramids that are not solid at the geometric center. Size and construction material is not important."

He discovered that the pyramids' energy source appears to be free-flowing ions, and that a solid pyramid, like the Great Pyramid of Giza, must have an opening to allow ions to flow at the geometric center. The King's Chamber is the geometric center of the Great Pyramid.

To create an energy barrier after 15 hours, the pyramid must be parallel to the earth with one pair of ports alighted magnetically north and south. The size of the pyramid does not appear to affect the amount of usable energy it produces.

Parr wrote that he discovered that "strange physical phenomena happen inside any object in the shape of a pyramid. Other shapes such as cubes, octagns and spheres do not experience the same phenomena.

"The pyramid shape has the potential to trap theoretical particles known as 'mass particles.'Mass particles exhibit some properties of matter, such as inertia, but are not subject to quantum laws. When a pyramid traps mass particles, a bubble forms around the pyramid. The bubble is some kind of energy field that forms a shield to protect the mass paticles. The reason why the pyramid captures mass particles is unknow," he said.

Parr discovered some peculiarities relating to the energy bubble that he also could not explain. For example, it appears to cause extreme distress to the metabolism of honey bees, causing them to die within a few hours, if they got within a 30-foot radius. This energy system also scrambled the bee's navigation system.

He said the old myth of hanging a pyramid over the bed to bring beneficial energy also appears incorrect. "Let me say with all seriousness the Orb is not user friendly. It has the ability to extract energy from any source, either mechanical or biological for the benefit of the mass particles. Meditating inside an Orb is not recommended."

Parr did not live to pursue some of his theories concerning the pyramid which considered it an ancient machine. He noted in some of his writings that the results of his tests succested "significant implications in terms of space travel, levitation, military defensive shields and maybe even time travel."

He thought that "if a method can ever be devised to close off the bubble in the great Pyramid there is every reason to suspect that if you are inside it, you could travel up and back along it's history and solve once and for all when the pyramid was built."

Parr died at Ventura, California, in 2010.