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The Two Gods Of Humanity

By James Donahue

The duality of our existence makes it seem correct that we recognize two gods rather than one, if we must be compelled to worship something.

I recently ran into a wonderful quote from Gnosis and Time, by Henri Charles Puech, in which he said: " . . . there is another God, inferior or essentially Evil, who created and dominates the world.

"This is a Demiurge, feeble, narrow-minded if not ignorant; or it may be the Devil himself, unengendered Principle or Prince of Darkness and incarnation of Evil as such, guilty of having produced the material universe and carnal man, and therefore, for certain sects, accursed.

"The imperfections and wickedness of this God are known—only too well—by such products and by the tyrannical laws he imposes upon the course of events and upon his wretched creatures.

"Two gods, then, whose activities are antagonistic: on the one hand a God of Salvation and Grace, on the other a God of Creation and of nature or matter; the one bringing deliverance from existence in time, the other inflicting temporal existence and dominating it. The universe is split into two heterogeneous and hostile domains: the one invisible or spiritual, the other visible or material."

Oh my how right this writer is to the reality of human existence. We do have two gods….one of materialism that creates all sorts of things to occupy our mind the keep us in pursuit of personal wealth and pleasure . . . the other an invisible spirit in the ethers that declares materialism and pleasure to be sinful and spiritually destructive.

The one god giveth while the other god taketh away. So what is a man to do?

The solution is always balance.

But then the entire premise of even this well thought out quote is based upon the angelic/Christian lie that there exists an external power that manipulates our lives from the ether.

In a sense, as long as spiritual energies exist in our realm, this is true. The entities tend to act as an external manipulator that generates a fear-based religious system designed to keep the masses in check. And because there must be balance, we also have the anti-god figure of the red-cloaked devil with his leagues of demonic followers to counter all the "good" that emerges from the "heavenly father."

But the core of Puech’s message is that there is a counter between spiritual man and material man, and that we all must choose which god we will turn to. The materialist calling, with all of its gaudy lights and shiny beads, is only vanity and fluff, but it has such a powerful attraction that few can resist its siren song. That new car, that fine home, that new stereo, the beautiful woman that wealth can allegedly attract, is all but grass that withers and dies at the end of the season. The iron succumbs to rust and the flesh decays with age.

What is real is spiritual fulfillment, that quest for the love of ourselves, our fellow humans and especially for the Mother Earth from which we receive our life force and our daily nourishment. To turn within ourselves and find the inner god that exists there is to gain all.

It is true that the god that created our material world lives among us and most humans have chosen to worship that force. It is the force that truly rules this planet. There is no devil. It is but a myth that makes it appear that we have duality when, in fact, there is none at all.

If there is to be deliverance and salvation, we must do the work and save ourselves.

For the spiritually awake ones our third eye is open. We know the truth and resist the siren call of temporary sensual pleasures. Our quest is for so much more than the world would have us believe is ours for the taking.