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Is There A Top Secret Pyramid Hidden In Alaskan Wilds?

By James Donahue

Ever since controversial researcher Linda Moulton Howe broached the subject on her Earthfiles web site and on the popular night talk radio show Coast-to-Coast, the story of a "secret" and government hidden site of a massive underground pyramid located in the uninhabited wilds of northern Alaska has been circulating.

While details of this mystery "black" pyramid have been lacking, the alleged information about it has reportedly come from the lips of at least two former military officers who worked in Alaska and had occasion to come in contact with evidence that such a structure exists.

What is weird about this pyramid, if it exists, is that it is reportedly larger than that Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt, it is located completely underground and out of view from pilots and satellites flying overhead, and the U. S. government appears to have gone to great lengths to place a lid of secrecy on it.

Howe obtained her story from Douglas Alan Mutschler, a retired Counter Intelligence Warrant Officer who was stationed at Fort Richardson, Anchorage, Alaska, in 1992 when China conducted an underground test of a one-megaton nuclear bomb. Mutschler says he was involved in working with radar and sonar devices to detect the massive explosion caused by that bomb, and calculate its power.

Six months after that bomb was detonated, Mutschler said he and 39 other men on that base watched a morning television news report on KYUR Channel 13 in Anchorage that revealed the discovery of a large underground pyramid discovered during the monitoring of the Chinese bomb test. He said the men all listened in amazement as the report gave an in-depth report, even listing the pyramid’s location as a remote area located between Nome and Mt. McKinley.

Mutschler said he dug out his VCR and prepared to tape the story during the station’s next news broadcast. But when the news came on again, there was no mention of this pyramid. He said he called the station to ask about it and was told that no such story was broadcast. He even drove to the station to ask for a copy of the broadcast he watched and was told again that the story he sought did not exist.

A year later, while stationed at Fort Meade, Maryland, Mutschler said he gained access to an archive of classified military information kept in a vaulted library. Here he again searched for information about the so-called "dark pyramid" in Alaska. When he found information about an Alaskan archaeological site, he was suddenly confronted by "two goons" who he said told him to leave the library and that the information he was seeking was for "a need to know basis" and that he did not need to know what was in that file.

A more recent website offers a report by an unidentified person that describes himself as a retired Navy Captain who served as a navigator/tactical coordinator and mission commander and a former Naval Air Reserve Patrol squadron commander who had spent two deployments in Adak, Alaska.

This man said he heard Howe’s appearance on Coast-to-Coast Radio and was inspired to write to Howe with further information. He said he utilized Google Maps, looking over the Alaskan territory from above "looking for non-natural features like straight lines or geometric shapes."

He wrote that: "Approximately 50 miles northeast of Mt. McKinley, just to the north of the line connecting it to Nome, I came across a square shape that was very distinct in the ground. The area is a flat plain approximately 1950 feet ASL. The coloration of the anomaly is a darkish green and there doesn’t appear to be any type of surface structure. This is a very desolate area in the center of the state.

"My assumption is that if there is something below the surface it could be impacting the flora at the surface which somehow mirrors the shape of a structure below," he wrote.

Except for these vague reports and the promotion of the story by Howe's website and her appearances on Coast-to-Coast Radio, no other evidence of a giant underground pyramid in the massive Alaskan wilderness appears to exist, unless it remains buried in secret military files.

Thus the story, like the Roswell UFO crash report in New Mexico, exists as just one more American conspiracy theory.