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The Acambaro Figurines – Valid or Hoax?

By James Donahue

Like the Ica Stones of Peru, the Acambaro figurines, allegedly dug up by farmers in 1944 at Acamabaro, Mexico after their discovery by Waldemar Jursrud, strongly suggest that humans were on Earth at the same time of the dinosaurs. And so does the Julesrod Collection of similar figurines, also uncovered in Mexico by amateur archaeologist Val Jelesrod at the base of Bull Mountain in the 1950s.

Historians and archaeologists are claiming the figurines in both collections are a hoax, allegedly manufactured by the natives, because they challenge the written and established history of the world. History books all clearly state that humans did not appear until long after the dinosaurs went extinct.

Yet the Ica Stones show carved images of humans hunting dinosaurs and other long extinct animals, and both the Acambaro and Julesrod figurines are clay baked figures of dinosaurs, unknown creatures, animals that were never known to exist in Mexico or the Americas, and humans wearing garb depicting origins from all over the globe.

Carbon-14 tests of the Acambaro figures done at the Museum of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and thermo-luminosity tests at Isotopes Inc., in Jew Jersey, estimated their age at 5,000 to 6,000 years. Archeologists at the Acambaro National Museum of Archeology, Dr. Gaylord Simpson and Ivan T. Sanderson, paleontologists at the EUA Natural History Museum, all testified to the authenticity of the figures.

For this reason, and the fact that there are over 32,000 figures in the Acambaro collection and an estimated 30,000 more in the Julesrod collection and about 15,000 stones with carved images in the Cabrera Museum makes it seem improbable that the pieces were "manufactured" as a hoax or even that they were created by local natives for money. That more and more figurines are turning up at various Mexican construction sites also helps argue the authenticity of their origins.

Thus we appear to have a mystery left from antiquity in the soils of Mexico and Peru. These ancient art works appear to be telling us that humans not only were here at the time of the dinosaurs, but they hunted them, and may have been hunted by them. They also knew of other animals from other parts of the planet that they should not have known about.