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Mother's Day 2013

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Doris – The Beloved Mother Of Our Children

By James Donahue

My wife, Doris, deserves all of the accolades being delivered to mothers everywhere this Mother’s Day, 2013. She lovingly gave birth and raised four wonderful children, sometimes under the most difficult of circumstances, and even today, more than 50 years after our marriage, looks over her scattered brood with the same love and care than she had for them when they were but toddlers, hanging on her skirts.

Doris was the only girl in a household with four brothers. Her father was a hard working laborer who eked out a living in the best way he could. I did not regard her mother as a shining example of motherhood. If there was role established, I suspect it came from the grandmother who lived in a modest little house next door. There was a loving bond established between Doris and her grandmother that was hard to miss. It may have been because of her that Doris turned out to be the exemplary model of parenthood that she became.

When we were going through our courtship period, with wedding plans in the future, Doris used to say that she never wanted children. Those were still my wandering days of youth and when she said it I probably agreed. My love and attention was for Doris and the thought of children wasn't in my mind.

Yet it was only a few months after our marriage that pregnancy befell us. And it was then that I witnessed the most amazing change in Doris. As the child grew within her, she began building her nest. A nursery was prepared. Everything was done in preparation for the arrival of that baby. The glow of her pregnancy lit up the home. Something amazing seemed to be happening to me as well. Perhaps it was her enthusiasm that rubbed off on me. By the time our son was born, I was a changed man. I was ready to take on the responsibility of fatherhood.

Motherhood seemed to be a biological miracle with Doris. We had our first three children within a year of each other, so she had her handsful caring for three little toddlers at the same time. We used to go shopping with the children all riding in a shopping cart. We took them everywhere that we went. Doris also maintained employment during those early years. We rarely hired sitters, but tried to arrange it so that either Doris or I was with the children while the other was away.

Our fourth child arrived some years later. By then were were old hands at being parents and we had lots of help from the older children.

Now all of the children are grown and out of the roost. But Doris is still a mother to them all. She worries when they are ill or having troubles at home. She sends money whenever possible. Even though they live on the opposite sides of the nation, Doris still watches over her children with loving care. She even goes to great lengths to track our son who never calls and doesn't let us know where he is or what he is doing. She mourns for him every day.

How can we not admire someone who radiates love like that? Hats off today for Doris, a bright example of motherhood on this Mother's Day, 2013.