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The Incredible Precision Of Ancient Architects

By James Donahue

We have all agreed that the architects and builders that erected the great stone pyramids of Egypt and other points throughout the world must have had some kind of amazing powers at their disposal just to cut and lift the massive rocks into their place.

People who have really studied these structures also have noted that the builders also appeared to have great knowledge about the lines of longitude and latitude that crisscross our planet, and the line-up of certain stars in the night sky. Entire books have been written about these subjects. All of the authors offer theories, but none of them have answers as to how it was done.

These mysteries have befuddled the minds of archaeologists and historians for so long that they have tended to overshadow one other very peculiar part of the overall riddle of the ancient megaliths. While some structures, like Stonehenge, are but crude boulders placed in order, others have clearly been cut to fit with such precision the work surpasses what contemporary contractors might be able to accomplish with modern power tools.

Not only did they manage to cut these multi-ton rocks with perfect precision, they managed to transport them, sometimes for many miles to the construction site, and then lift them into place. In all cases, the fit is so perfect that nothing was ever used to bind them. And the walls have remained in place for thousands of years. The only thing that has ever disturbed them has been movements by the Earth. These structures were erected to stand through the ages.

For example, a strange wall of perfectly squared blocks at Ollantaytambo, Peru, was believed cut from a quarry eight kilometers away and 900 meters high on the opposite side of a river valley. The blocks average about 19 tons each. Yet they were transported down into the valley, across a river, then up a steep slope to Ollantaytambo. How was this accomplished? And why?

Not only do many of the massive stone blocks appear as if they were "machined" to perfectly fit their place in the structures, but there are places where holes appear to have been machine drilled through the rock. Such holes range from a 1/30 of an inch to five inches in diameter.

Other unexplained stone work found in Egypt includes what appears to have been power saw cuts and precision-made bowls and other household items literally cut out of granite. One nine inch diameter bowl was fully hollowed out with a perfect symmetrical wall thickness.

Yet another amazing object was a "horn" of schist, machined down to paper-thin sides. How did the ancients do this? There is no trace of such advance technology found in the ruins of these ancient places. There is, however, an unexplained image of an Egyptian man carrying a large device that looks like a power saw, complete with an attached wire that drops to the floor and runs off the edge of the image. Is it possible that they had access to some kind of unknown power source?

From the work done by these ancient architects it appears that the builders had access to the following technology:

--Tube drills, drill bits and the machinery to hold everything steady when being used.

--Saws that could cut granite with precision.

--They could sculpt and hard rocks like granite.

--They could finish granite even after a block was placed on a wall or on the surface of a pyramid. The finishing work on granite was cut and polished to a sophisticated degree of flatness.

--Lathes that could turn and polish hard rock.

--They could cut accurate parallel limestone joints over large surface areas.

--They had the ability to consistently lift and maneuver stone pieces weighing tons.

--They could quarry and move millions of these massive stone blocks.

Where did such technology originate? Why do we find no evidence of these kinds of tools in the ruins of the ancient cities surrounding such megaliths? How did this knowledge become lost over the ages?

Among the plausible explanations has been that the ancients were assisted by alien visitors. Was it true?