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Wolf Man Of Paradise

By James Donahue

We have all seen science fiction or horror films about wild wolf men, or men who turn into fearsome wolf-type creatures under a full moon. But we all know those were just fictional creatures don’t we? Or do we?

There is a story out there about a cattle rancher near Paradise, Texas, who began a nightly vigil after discovering one of his cows savagely destroyed, torn apart and partly eaten. The authorities suggested it was the work of a large cat, possibly a mountain lion that was way out of its normal territory.

After about a week of nightly patrol, and armed with a powerful rifle with a night scope mounted on the barrel, the ranger caught a glimpse of the creature. And it was such a shock he stood frozen in his tracks, failing to fire a shot.

He told neighbors and the police that he watched as a large, hairy figure came striding on hind legs across the field. He said it stood at least seven feet tall, appeared very muscular, and while it had the body of a very big man, it had the face and head of what he said looked like a wolf.

The rancher watched as the beast quickly "walked" over the open field and then vanished into some trees.

He said he never saw the beast again, but later he found a small stone carved head of a wolf with fangs, slits of eyes and flared nostrils. It was lying in the grass near the very place where he had seen the creature.

What was this beast? Was it a neighbor playing a trick on the rancher? And if so, how could such a neighbor be sure that the rancher wouldn’t shoot him dead for doing such a crazy stunt?

Or is this just a wild story circulating around the community of Paradise?

Of interest in Egyptian mythology is the story of the ancient god figure Horus, who fit the description of the beast the rancher described. Horus was said to have been a male figure with the head of a dog or perhaps a wolf.