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Could Alien Intelligence Be Found Under A Microscope?


By James Donahue


We once ran onto an odd story about the discovery of a tiny quarter-inch long UFO that was supposedly "intercepted" over Washington D.C.


The story said the ship, weighing no more than an ounce, contained a cockpit that obviously carried an intelligent being. It said the ship "so eerily resembles a small flying insect that experts suspect it was designed that way as camouflage."


Since the story only appeared once, on some already forgotten web page, we have to consider it a hoax. And yet the thought of minute intelligent life forms is an interesting one.


Just because our awareness of intelligent life forms on Earth indicate that we have evolved to a certain size, should not dismiss the possibility that intelligence exists in numerous other forms, including tiny beings that fly around in undetected ships that look like insects.


Certainly the insects on this planet have shown a capability of survival that rivals that of man. In fact, swarms of bees, biting ants, spiders, and mosquitoes are killing people. The lowly termite and carpenter ant is capable, in large numbers, to topple houses. In fact, a certain new breed of termite is literally destroying the City of New Orleans.


These creatures, as far as we can tell, are just doing what comes natural to them. They function with a hive mentality. This is an intellect that comes from the Mother Earth. Their small size gives them no room for an intelligent brain, so we write them off as "pests" or "nuisances" that man must live with because we can't seem to eradicate them.


Indeed, we have tried.


We also have tried unsuccessfully to destroy mold and bacteria. And then there is the virus which is much smaller than bacteria and even more elusive. And now there is the prion, the non-life maverick protein that attacks brain cells and brings on Mad Cow Disease.


These minute creatures survive everywhere, even in space we are discovering. It was mold that brought down the Russian space station Mir. The vessel was being consumed by the mold that even attacked metal and glass.


Spiritualists and many native tribes perceive both the Earth and Sun as sentient beings that communicate. We believe that every cell in our body, plus the cells that comprise everything around us, are all in constant communication. There is a mysterious intelligence shared there that we cannot explain. And if this is true, then how can we say that the insects of our world lack intelligence?

Using this line of thought, we must ponder the possibility that intelligence is not limited to creatures with brains equal to the size of ours. That the molds and insects may be acting on instructions by the Mother Earth when they attack our homes and human health is highly probable.


That individual intelligence exists in minute form also must be considered.


Ponder the rods, a super-fast-flying object only recently discovered in our midst through the development of high-speed film. They dart everywhere, but swerve to miss collisions with solid objects, showing some form of intelligence if only a bat-like sound frequency that works like radar.


Remote viewing czar Maj. Edward Dames, in an appearance on the Art Bell Coast-to-Coast radio talk show, identified the rods as a form of intelligent spy, placed on this planet to observe the activities of humans and report back to . . . what?


Did somebody or something of another level of intelligence sent the rods? And if so, what might that be?


There is much more to this universe than mere mortals have ever conceived. That we have wasted so much of our time bowing to a fake external god figure and failing to evolve into the beings we were meant to become, is the worst of our sins.