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Asking the Ouija Board About 2012

By James Donahue

We found an interesting tidbit on the popular web site Godlike Productions not long ago posted by a person who claimed to have turned to a Ouija board to get information about events that will be unfolding during the year 2012.

We found many of the predictions in the article to be not only interesting, but possibly close to what we believe may really occur.

The Ouija board has always been a controversial tool because it has long been attacked by the religious fanatics who say “it is of the Devil.” Even occultists warn that the entities that communicate and answer questions do not always have the best interests of humanity at heart.

The reason information obtained through the Ouija board is often questionable is that the beings that speak through the board are said to live on a Sixth Plane of existence. These beings include angels, demons and various other alien life forms. Through personal experience in communicating with these entities we find that some are friendly and attempt to be helpful, but others are tricksters. People experienced in using Ouija understand this and often become skilled at determining which entities to trust for information, and which to be removed from communication links.

We also found that these beings appear to exist in a timeless vacuum. Thus they have the ability to see probable future events but they lack the capability of establishing time lines. Thus predictions for one specific year of events may or may not be valid.

The Abba Father, who says he is one of the “old ones” who once lived on Earth and now exists in another dimension, appears to be unique. The prophetic messages received from this source have been shockingly accurate although time lines are sometimes difficult to nail down.

Assuming that the unidentified person that entered the Ouija data on Godlike Productions is skilled enough to know the difference between helpful entities and the tricksters, we find the various predictions for the year 2012 to be worth considering.

This writer claimed to have been in contact with a woman from Zimbabwe named Jewenem, who lived in the future. The messenger stated that people in the future will exist under a one world government and enjoy a better quality of life. Humans will acquire “new abilities.”  Also Jewenem stated that there is no “God” but rather a “Source” of energy. She said the Bible, while it contains some truth, is a plagiarized book and exists for control and conformity of the human races.

We have little quarrel with most of the above. We are not sure that a single world government will be in the best interests of the world although it would probably bring an end to war and allow for a socialistic system of dividing up world resources among all of the people, rather than only the wealthy nations.

Most world psychics are receiving messages about a looming ascension when humans will either move into a higher dimension or be granted the gifts of mental telepathy, teleportation, and repaired bodies that allow us to live a very long time if not forever.

Jewenem also stated that plants have thoughts and feelings. In a recent story on this site we found that plant geneticists are, indeed, finding that plants are aware of their surroundings, of human involvement, they communicate with each other and with insects and can remember “the tiniest transgression for months.” Not only this, but a Japanese researcher believes that even water has consciousness and has proven this through experiments in the way water crystallizes when frozen.

The Godlike Production article said a second unnamed entity was contacted. This one gave the following information: Florida will be a safe place to live in 2012, there will not be a pole shift before 2012, humans are already receiving a DNA “upgrade,” time is speeding up because of a compression of consciousness and when we die we do not reincarnate from other life forms. This entity noted that after death we return to the “source” and we have a galactic knowledge of all things.

A third personality also was contacted on the Ouija. She claimed to be a Pleiadian and her name was Kosav. She claimed to live in a parallel universe to ours.

Kosav’s message was extensive. She said intelligent life forms exist on nearby planets in the Milky Way Galaxy. She said powers on Earth are attempting to reduce the population by poisoning the food, water and air. New energies from the galactic center are already causing changes in humans, our diets will eventually consist of sunshine, and the ascension is available to everyone but people must believe for it to happen.

Kosav said there is a serious need for love on Earth. She warned that humans must control the ego and turn away from hate. The gateway to the new way is in our Sun.