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Earth Noise - Is It Song Or Moan?

By James Donahue

Since first detected by sensitive instruments in 1998, geophysicists have been aware of unexplained spheroidal oscillations, or a humming noise, coming from the bowels of Planet Earth. Some have tried to write it off as the result of the movements of the oceans. We find that explanation hard to accept.

Using sensitive seismometers, German researchers Dieter Kurrie and Widmer-Schnidrig identified a constant rumbling sound coming from the Earth, even when the ground isn’t shaking from earthquakes or volcanic action. The sound frequency is so low that it cannot be detected by human ears.

There is another interesting element to the sound frequencies. They are constantly changing. In fact, listening stations at various parts of the world have picked up actual tunes within the hum.

“Our planet makes ring-shaped oscillations that act like a very quiet symphony,” said Widmer-Schnidrig.

Scientists are always looking for the cause of any phenomenon they come upon. Thus was born the theory that the hum was caused by the movement of ocean waves against the sea bottom. But newer data shows louder sounds originating from the Pacific coast of North America and the west coast of Europe.

Other theories suggest that the oscillations are caused by pressure from both ocean and atmospheric waves pressing down on the planet, or by forces like wind or even the sun sheering across the planet surface.

In short, scientists really don’t know why the Earth emits this constant oscillation of deep rumbling sound frequencies. They just know that it happens.

Such knowledge probably comes as no surprise to the aboriginal people of the world who have always perceived the Earth as a sentient being and the mother of all living things. That she is rumbling and the ground is shaking more than normal these days should be a warning to humanity.

The Mother Earth is not sounding a symphony of joy these days. Because of the way humanity is raving her resources, killing off its various species of fish and wildlife, and polluting the ground, air and water, we believe the sounds emanating from deep within are more of a moan of sadness and perhaps a growl of warning.