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The Great Conspiracy To Destroy America

By James Donahue

There is an old joke about the family that reacts in horror when a man comes to the door and announces he is from the government and has come to help. It is regarded as dark humor because most people in the United States know very well that most government assistance programs do not work well. And those that qualify for any assistance are usually faced with a mountain of paperwork followed by months of waiting before that “help” arrives.

Except for Social Security, Food Stamps, Unemployment Benefits and certain other programs designed to help the poor and elderly, inefficiency and waste this has been a trademark of the U.S. government for a long time. The very task of calculating our federal income tax each winter has become so complex most of us hire professionals to figure it all out. Now, as the nation moves into extreme financial crisis and millions of people are losing their jobs, their homes and depending on food stamps for their mere survival, the threat of failing federal government aid is growing.

Republican leaders like new House Speaker John Boehner are making it clear that they want to repeal the health care act, raid Social Security and even reduce the food stamp program as a way of “balancing the budget.”

Why would this be happening? Even after voters elected Democrat Barack Obama to bring his promise of “change” to the nation, and even after federal legislators approved a new health care bill, job stimulus bill and extension of unemployment benefits, things have gotten worse. The banks after accepting billions of federal dollars in bail-out money still appear to be failing, still more people are out of work, the health care benefits are proving to be too little and too late for most Americans, states are going bankrupt and the national infrastructure is falling into ruin.

There appears to be a deliberate attempt by the big power brokers, who clearly manipulate the actions of most Republicans and some Democrats in both House and Senate, and even influence the decisions by the Supreme Court, to run America into the ground.

How else can we explain why the Republicans in the Senate skillfully misused a filibuster rule to block votes on all of the key legislation until the Democrats agreed to radical compromises.

While the bills were eventually passed and signed into law, they were so watered down they have been ineffective. And people are disillusioned. They were rising up and expressing their anger in a “Teaparty” movement as midterm elections bore down on us in 2010. But a Supreme Court decision that allowed for secret corporate spending for candidates helped finance a nation-wide smear campaign against incumbent Democrats. Voters went to the polls totally confused and stacked the deck in favor of big money interests.

As the 112th Congress convenes this week expectations are low. No one expects the Republican controlled House to do much for the poverty stricken masses, or to help maintain the disappearing middle class. Instead, a number of outspoken Republicans threaten to spend their time dismantling the work accomplished during the first two years of the Obama Administration. They also threaten to vote against raising the national debt ceiling which could being the government to a standstill sometime in the spring.

Any new bills that come out of Congress this year will probably be designed to benefit big business interests, the banking system and the very wealthy families that pull the puppet strings. Of course the military industrial complex will remain well fed at its trough and our soldiers will continue to die in senseless battle on foreign soil. This could be a death knell for a nation that is already bankrupt.

Unless something drastic happens, the prospects for the poor and elderly in America look grim. At the same time, the prospects for the wealthy appear very good.  Notice how this has been reflected in major increases in value on the stock exchange. The obvious outcome of such behavior, however, appears to be a total collapse of the United States as a world power.

Why would the wealthy elite wish to do this? We believe it is because it will not matter to them if America remains strong as a nation. They possess the wealth. They control the strings of world power. They are getting what they want, which is a return of the old ruling dynasties with the poverty stricken masses clamoring for any crumb that might be tossed their way. The collapse of the United States would have a world-wide repercussion and set the stage for a world dictatorial government that makes slaves of the masses.

People of this mindset think of the elderly and retired as useless non-productive faces in the crowd. Thus the elderly can be sacrificed for the good of the whole.

There is no love or compassion among these non-human people. A recent study in the UK revealed that ultra right wing conservatives have different brain chemistry than the others. That tends to support the theory that they are not one of us. They do not belong on this planet. It is time for them to leave before they make things worse than they already are.