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Mystery Space Particles May Be Changing Everything

By James Donahue

The prophets, astrologers and psychics have been speaking of a major dimensional metamorphosis occurring with our planet and all life forms on it. Now scientists are revealing possible evidence that just such a change is happening. They cannot explain why or how it is occurring, but they believe it involves mystery particles being fired at the Earth from the heart of the sun.

Researchers from Stanford and Purdue Universities are both concluding that some kind of energy source from the sun appears to be having a strange effect on matter and possibly even time on Earth.

Scientists have been noticing a strange speeding up of the natural rate of decay of atomic particles, something that has never happened before now. The fact that this is happening is breaking known laws of physics and suggesting that something very strange is happening to the world around us.

Physicists and archaeologists for years have relied on a constant timeline for the natural decay of a radioactive material known as carbon-14. They have used this as a way of determining the age of things found everywhere on Earth. Because the decay rate was so constant, they also found it useful as a non-biased random number generator.

But researchers at Purdue recently began noticing that when comparing their measurements with other scientists’ work, the values of their published decay rates were not the same. After more examination they also discovered that the statistics varied with the seasons, with decay rates speeding up during winter months when the sun is closer to the Earth. And that led to them look to the sun as the cause of this unexpected break in an old and established law of physics.

Jere Jenkins, a nuclear engineer at Purdue, noticed that the decay rate of some manganese-54 that he was testing registered a drop in its decay rate one night in 2006. This happened about a day before a large flare erupted from the sun. It also happened at night while the sun was shining on the opposite side of the planet. It thus suggested that if the sun caused the odd effect in the piece of manganese-54 being tested, it had to involve something that traveled through the Earth unhindered.

The only known thing that does this is a strange particle called neutrinos. While neutrinos blast out regularly from the sun in particle streams, and they pass through all “solid” objects apparently without obstruction, they have never been known to have an interaction with our planet. Scientists refer to them as ghost particles. So have the properties of neutrinos particles changed? Or is the sun now blasting out some new kind of particle that is causing this odd phenomenon to happen on Mother Earth?

Pane Andov, in his on-line publication 2012 Equation Solved, claims to have been in contact with friendly alien beings and has been given special knowledge to help humans understand the change that is already beginning to happen. He says he was shown that special energies released from the heart of the Milky Way some 26,000 years ago, are just now reaching Earth and are beginning to have an effect on the planet and on all living things.

This energy force, plus jolts of a blue-white light, also racing toward our solar system and already detected by NASA telescopes, are going to jump-start the so-called “junk DNA” found in the human double helix DNA coil during the Human Genome Project. When this happens all humans will be changed, Andov writes.

The Human Genome Project, which involved the mapping of the genetic structure of the DNA coil, revealed that 97 percent of the DNA within the coil is inactive and appears to have no function. Because they could not explain its function, the researchers came up with the name “junk DNA.”

The Abba Father described this energy as a “strange force” that is coming “to help mankind ascend into a new form of energy. Everyone will become one. Living cells will become one. All other matter may disappear and another kind will be formed to populate the Earth. Matter from this becomes the new man on Earth; becoming new like babies that are all innocent ones to put back love on Earth.”

The process of change will be happening so slowly that few people will notice it. It will take about six years to complete, the Abba Father said. When it is over the alien, un-human force that invaded this planet thousands of years in the past and forced the humans into bondage will be driven off.

He said all humans, those now living and even those that have died, “will become part of the ascension process. No one will be left behind.” In the new world everyone will retain their consciousness. “You will recognize one another but will start over with a new cell structure; one without disease, one without death. The reason for this is to repopulate Earth with a consciousness of love, not hate.”

The scientific writers who are daring to report this unexplained phenomenon of change also are expressing concern because of its possible impact on life as we know it. A report by Terrance Aym warns that “if the decay rates of matter are being mutated then all matter on Earth is being affected including the matter that makes up life.” Aym suggested that the mutation may even be changing “the underlying reality of the quantum universe – and by extrapolation – the nature of life, the principles of physics, perhaps even the uniform flow of time.

“In fact, some evidence of time dilation has been gleaned from close observation of the decay rate. If particles interacting with the matter are not the cause – and matter is being affected by a new force of nature – then time itself may be speeding up and there is no way to stop it.”

The Abba Father even confirmed Aym’s report that time has been speeding up. “Time now is faster than we were aware of so time will hurry the process. No one will notice unless they are aware.”

While this news may be alarming to many people, spiritualists, visionaries, Bible scholars and people from all walks within the field of the esoteric have been telling of messages from the astral and from ancient text that promise a time of amazing Earth change that many believe is presently happening or about to occur.

The Abba Father devoted 45 days of sending special messages and instructions, published on this Website between May 31 and July 14, 2010, designed to help prepare people for the looming Earth change. He said as early as July, 2008, that the Earth is about to enter into a period of extreme change and that life as we know it will be changed forever.

The Book of the Revelation in the Bible’s New Testament speaks of a “new heaven and a new Earth” that will be provided after a terrible period of tribulation.

The Mayan Calendar, inscribed on a stone slab, stops abruptly on December 21, 2012. Many people believe that the world as we know it will end on that day of the Winter Solstice.

While predictions of the end of the world are not a new phenomenon, the onslaught of mystics, seers and communicators with entities from the “other side” appears to have speeded up in recent years.

The theme is always the same. We must go through months, if not years of great tribulation before something amazing happens and we find ourselves on a new and repaired Earth where we all live in peace and harmony. The tribulation, which is not necessary, is the creation of the power forces that are fighting hard to stop the change that is about to drive them off of the planet.

Some believe this is going to be brought about by friendly alien intervention. Others are putting their faith in an external God who rebuilds the mess we created on Earth. And yet others say the Mother Earth, the Sun and all things of the Universe, including ourselves, is all part of the living force that exists around us.

We particularly like the latter theory. It implies that all existence was the work of a Creator that is present within the light that exists within each of us. And if this is the case, we collectively have the power to change our situation and recreate the world on our own, without relying on outside help. All we need to do is wake up.

Perhaps this is what is perplexing the scientific world these days. As more and more humans are waking up, the shift to the new reality we all desire is beginning to happen in front of our eyes.