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The Universe As A Conscious Energy System

By James Donahue

We want to introduce readers to an interesting video posted on verious Internet sites. This video draws excerpts from a variety of prominent speakers who portray a fascinating concept of how our world and the Universe works and how it affects what we perceive as reality.

In this all-too-brief presentation the speakers suggest that the accepted viewpoint of science, that the Earth, stars and everything we see, touch and feel are comprised of matter, is wrong. Instead, the speakers say it is all an elaborate holographic environment created by our collective minds.

This is not a new idea, but one that is difficult for most of us to understand or accept. That is because we all live on blind faith that the chair we are sitting on is solid and has the strength to hold us up when we put all of our weight on it. We trust the bed we sleep in to hold us when we lie on it. And we trust the floors of our homes to hold us up when we walk over them. Thinking that they are all a figment of our mind and that if we knew the truth we might plunge through to the basement or beyond is difficult to accept.

We suppose this thought emerged among physicists and philosophers after the invention of powerful telescopic devices allowed us to peer into the heart of the atom and discover that they duplicate our solar system. Every atom contains a nucleus consisting of protons and neutrons with electrons whirling around it.  

Physicists have formed a belief that a group of atoms that bind themselves together form a molecule, and that molecules appear to be the building blocks of matter. But in the emerging world of quantum physics, as researchers continued to peer into this mysterious world of the ultra small, they have become acutely aware that a lot of empty space exists both within the atoms and around them.

How all of this space creates matter has boggled the minds of quantum physicists for a long time. To solve this problem they have developed a theory of particle physics. They have identified an elementary particle called a quark which they believe is a fundamental part of matter. The theory is that quarks combine to form composite particles called hadrons.

But all of this still does not explain how all of these quarks, which are but particles swimming around within the heart of the atoms, create mass. Thus Peter Higgs, a physicist at the University of Edinburgh, dreamed up a theory that a master quark that he calls a Higgs Boson must exist. He perceives this as a glue that holds all of the particles together and turns matter into mass.

To prove this theory, world physicists have spent over 15 years and something like $10 billion building a massive 17-mile-long Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland. The machine’s primary purpose is to smash protons together at the speed of light, create what scientists believe will be a mini-copy of the Big Bang, and in doing so, find, capture and identify a Higgs Boson.

But what if such a quark does not exist? What if the research now going on at the Large Hadron Collider turns out to be a fluke?

If you watch the video, these speakers present strong arguments that suggest that the thing the physicists are searching for is not a thing, but energy. They believe that the atoms respond to the powerful thoughts from our brains that put our world together. In other words we are generating electrical signals via our thoughts that manufacture the environment that we are in. We send frequencies into the atomic particles around us that cause them to vibrate, thus giving us the illusion of matter and form.

There also is a mild warning in this video that when humans attach to specific belief systems, such as those created by religion, they help create a different environment than we should have to endure. This is because we create our own reality.

One speaker says he believes we are living in a fear based dichotomy that is unnecessary. Thus we live in a strange matrix of our own making. What we do not understand is that collectively we can alter everything around us merely by expecting a brighter future and walking into it.

If we believe, however, that the world is in self-destruction, and that a war is inevitable, and that we must destroy ourselves for religious conviction, this is what will happen. The choice will be ours.

The speakers in this video include Scottish playwright and comic book writer Grant Morrison, American filmmaker David Lynch, English author and speaker David Icke, and authors Gregg Braden and Michael Talb. While none are scientists, all of the speakers are known for their esoteric viewpoints.

While we cannot endorse the message, we encourage readers to spend a few minutes watching this video. It offers fresh new insight into the matrix we conceive as reality. Click Here to watch.

(Our thanks to Bill Roberts who drew our attention to this video via Facebook.)