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Study Determines Validity of ESP

By James Donahue

An unusual study in extrasensory perception by Daryl J. Bern, an emeritus professor at Cornell, has shown that people really have an ability to predict future events. Bern’s paper describing his experiments is scheduled to be published later this year in The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Bern conducted nine different laboratory experiments during a 10-year period before reaching his conclusions. The experiments with more than 1,000 college students used simple random testing devices that ranged from word association to guessing which curtain hid an image on a computer screen.

In his paper, Bern reports that participants beat chance by 53 percent to 50 percent when the photographs were erotic. They did not do better than chance when negative or neutral images were used.

“What I showed was that unselected subjects could sense the erotic photos. But my guess is that if you use more talented people who are better at this, they could find any of the photos,” Bern stated.

Naturally Bern’s paper has come under attack from the scientific community where there never has been any room for paranormal or esoteric nonsense. Bern’s critics say the study defies every law of science. One suggestion was that the paper was “an elaborate hoax.”

Psychologist Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, of the University of Amsterdam, who is co-authoring a rebuttal to appear in the same magazine, argues that “such a hypothesis probably constitutes an extraordinary claim, and it should undergo more scrutiny before it is allowed to enter the field.”

The problem with psychic functioning, however, has always been that by its very nature, it always defies every law of science. Because mental visions of future events, as purported by so-called prophets and visionaries for thousands of years, are by definition extraordinary, the only proof is that such visions eventually come to pass.

The Bible is filled with prophetic messages, many of the predictions already fulfilled. Nostradamus, the Sixteenth Century French prophet who penned his visions in clouded verse to escape judgment by the church, is considered among the more famous contemporary visionaries.

In recent years, a number of prophetic messages have been made by a number of people who claim they have been given visions of the future by entities that are communicating with them from other worlds; possibly other dimensions.

The Abba Father, who communicates through my wife, Doris J. Donahue, last year delivered messages via this web page for 45 consecutive days in which he made specific prophecies of very difficult times including financial collapse, a world-wide pandemic, extreme weather events and other disasters that will speed the planet and precede dynamic changes to our world and the way we live. He predicted extreme flooding, which has happened. He said the Gulf Oil spill was worse than the public was told, and evidence is beginning to leak out that this was correct. He said there would be a second oil rig in the Gulf that would burn, which happened. He said there would be an earthquake along the East Coast of the United States. This also happened off the coast of New York.

The Abba Father now has warned that the Earth is now about to do something very spectacular, and that the magnetic field is going to shift. North will become South and South will become North. In the process, there will be much chaos in the world. The change has already begun and is the cause of much of the extreme weather events and the mass bird and fish kills occurring all over the planet.

If this latest prophecy comes to pass, Professor Bern will be vindicated among world scientists perhaps even before his controversial paper goes into print.