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Susan Donahue Defends Theta Healing

By James Donahue

It was perhaps inevitable that the ancient and amazingly effective practice of turning to the Creator for healing our diseased, aching and broken bodies would come under attack by the multi-billion dollar medical industry.

It happened last week in the UK where Professor Edzard Ernst of the University of Exeter medical staff condemned a group of about 600 practitioners of Theta Healing that claim to offer miracle cures for cancer and HIV as being “irresponsible, even criminal.”

In a BBC sponsored Newsnight investigation on national television, Ernst said Theta Healing is “not supported by any kind of evidence.” He charged that repeated clinical trials appear to show that while faith healing makes people feel better, it does not cure disease.

The standard fee for a session with a ThetaHealer in the UK is up to 100 pounds, the story said.

The news team interviewed people who claim they wasted their time and money turning to Theta Healing when they should have been seeking help through tested conventional medicine.

ThetaHealing is the trade name for a growing number of people who have trained to apply techniques discovered by Vianna Stibal, the American founder, who claims to have been personally healed from terminal cancer in 1995.

The practitioners say the technique focuses on forms of personal thought and prayer to use their own natural intuition to create sometimes instantaneous physical and emotional healing.

Susan Donahue, who has studied directly under Stibal and has growing practice as both a healer and teacher, says the healing isn’t always instant and sometimes can be blocked by the patient’s subconscious disbelief or other factors that may extend into religious, social, childhood or even genetic programming and belief systems.

Donahue says ThetaHealing can be, but is not always a miracle cure. "All things are possible when you are working with the energy that intertwines and binds all things in existence," she said. "But one must be clear enough from programs and beliefs to take advantage of this power."

Because of the high cost of medicine, and the fact that more and more people all over the world can no longer afford to see a doctor or pay for conventional medical practices, the concept of ThetaHealing is growing quickly in popularity.

Donahue said that while she was attending one of Stibal’s classes last year in Utah, representatives from various medical organizations in the United States and Japan were also working with Stibal to learn the technique. Stibal and Theta Healers encourage their clients to also seek medical attention in addition to the work accomplished through Theta Healing.

Japanese physicians not only have accepted Theta Healing, but are actively using it as part of their medical practice. Dr. Kazuhiko Atsumi, one of the leading practicing physicians in Japan, read Stibal’s book on Theta Healing and was so impressed that he arranged a personal meeting with her.

ThetaHealing practitioners are not required to have medical training or be licensed as medical practitioners. That is because they do not apply conventional medical treatments or write prescriptions for medicine. They either teach the patient to use the technique for self-healing, or go to the Creator on the patient’s behalf and bring about a spiritual healing.

The patient is never physically touched by the practitioner. Donahue does most of her work over the telephone, communicating with people all over the world.

Donahue said that she has studied the anatomy of the human body so that she has an understanding of what she is looking at when she worked with a client. She says she mentally leaves her own body and, when the patient grants permission, enters that person’s body to make a clear determination as to what is wrong.

Donahue said, she goes into what she calls a “Theta state” of mind, so she can communicate directly with the Creator to facilitate healing. At times, she said, she has to ask the Creator for help in explaining what is wrong with the patient, or what is blocking the natural healing that should be occurring.

She said she has made some interesting discoveries during her work with various people suffering from a wide variety of mental and physical problems. For example, she said while in Theta state she finds that all things are parts of a living Universe. She discovered that the healer can communicate with cancer cells and sometimes replace them with unconditional love. She believes extreme emotions like hatred, grudges and resentment can bring on cancer.

Sometimes, however, she said cancer cells, and especially the HIV virus, believe they are beneficial to the host and cannot be removed by request. The person with the disease may be subconsciously benefitting from the extra attention they are receiving and do not choose to release it.

She said she discovered that autism is caused when the soul of the child is not properly connected to the body. From what she has seen to date, this has been caused by some kind of trauma at birth or mercury poisoning.

Donahue has used ThetaHealing to alter the behavior of pets. She also uses it for self-improvement.

This writer also has learned the basics of ThetaHealing and can attest to the fact that is really works. A good example was an event that recently occurred at our house. My wife had been out working in the yard and in the process, accidentally dropped an important key somewhere in the grass. She became distraught over the loss of that key and announced that she was going to have to search the yard until she found it.

I went into Theta state and asked Creator to (1.) calm her mind, and (2.) direct her eyes to see the key.” Within minutes she was back in the house, happily announcing that she found the missing key. She said she also had asked Creator for help, then walked right up to where the key was lying.

It is understandable that the medical profession is probably fearful about ThetaHealing and the impact it may have. But the practice of conventional medicine has become too specialized, involves the use of too many high-cost machines, and dolling out high priced medicine and it is driving insurance companies, employers and the uninsured into bankruptcy.

ThetaHealing, a new name for an ancient way people turned to the god within to heal themselves, appears to be the answer to this terrible medical dilemma. Those of us who have experienced the benefits of ThetaHealing will never be convinced by media attacks that the practice is bunk.