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Mother Earth’s Patience Is Running Out

By James Donahue

The storms are getting more destructive, the fires are raging, the floods and droughts are ravaging prime farmlands, the heat waves and winter storms are more intense than anybody can remember but world leaders, prompted by the corporate money that keeps them in power, are still debating whether burning fossil fuels is causing “climate change.”

Now the Earth has begun to shake and billow hot lava and smoke from its many volcanoes. Major destructive earthquakes have been occurring in Java, China, Japan, Alaska, California, Mexico, Peru, Chile and all around the Ring of Fire that surrounds the Pacific Ocean. The ground is shaking in Italy, Fiji, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Argentina and unexpected places like Tennessee, Ohio, Nevada and Colorado.

The hints are getting stronger and stronger that the Mother Earth is losing her patience and unless humans quickly learn to respect her as the source of all life, food, air and water, she might, and may already be in the process of cutting us off.

Indeed, world psychics and “prophets” that claim to be communicating with life forms from beyond the veil of our three dimensional existence are all predicting that the Earth is about to go through a major “shift” or change. Some say it is going to move into a fifth dimension.

The Abba Father, who communicates through my wife, Doris, says the Mother Earth is going into a period of needed rest to recover from all of the destruction caused by humanity in the last 200 years.

While the Abba Father is somewhat vague as to just what is about to occur, we can create possible scenarios from the messages he has given us.

In one recent session Abba Father said: “The Mother is going into a brief sleep for a rest. This will not last long but will give her a needed relief. Then all will return as before but with renewed energy.”

As the planet goes into this period of rest, the Abba Father warned of looming crop failures, food shortages, more violent storms and floods, major earthquakes in Oregon and Italy. He predicted a “total blackout” that will bring severe cold, heavy snows and winds.

History has shown that major eruptions of two or more large volcanoes at about the same time has sent enough ash into the stratosphere of  the planet to cut out sunlight and cause a global cooling of the Earth.

The year 1816 has been remembered as the Year Without A Summer. It was a year when the eruptions of Mount Tambora in Indonesia in 1815, Mount Mayon in the Philippines in 1814, Suwanosejima near Japan in 1813, Awu in Indonesia in 1812 and Sa Soufriere in the Caribbean, also in 1812, collectively spewed enough ash into the stratosphere to blot out the sun. This an a historic low in solar activity was believed to have worked together to destroy crops and create major food shortages. Frost and frozen lakes were reported in North America in June and July of 1816. Thousands starved to death during that period.

So far this year we have seen at least three major volcanic eruptions. They include Mount Puyehue in Chile, Mount Dieng in Indonesia and Mount Grimsvotn in Iceland. If the Abba Father is correct, a major volcanic eruption appears eminent sometime this year in Italy. That country’s most active and perhaps most dangerous volcano, Mount Etna, has been rumbling and spewing ash and lava for months.

Instead of taking these natural warnings seriously, and looking at recorded historical events like the 1816 year when there was no food, we hear the politicians in Washington and other developing nations like China, India and Brazil speak of ways to boost the production of crude oil and coal. They should, instead, be putting more of their energy into seeking clean energy sources and weaning away from oil dependence.

In South America they are destroying the rain forests to make room to raise more corn to produce ethanol. Canadians have discovered a way to extract crude oil from a tar shale found in Alberta. New rich deposits of crude oil have been discovered in the Gulf of Mexico and deep under the Arctic and the race is now on for more deep water drilling to meet growing world demands.

Information recently made public by Wikileaks has revealed that there is a scramble by the United States, Russia, Norway, Denmark and possibly China to not only take advantage of the melting Arctic ice cap to launch deep sea oil drilling, but to enjoy the newly exposed Northwest passage for ships around North America.

Instead of being alarmed by the fact that the ice caps are melting and the seas are rising, these fools are thinking of new ways to exploit the earth changes to stuff their pocketbooks.

There is an old saying that you can't eat gold. When the chips are down, the food and water is unavailable, and the planet is too hot for life, all the gold in existence won’t fix a thing. The ultra rich fools blindly leading us into this trap will be forced to face the same fate as the rest of us. That is unless they have a secret plan to board a hidden space ship and fly off to another world.

There are stories that many of the wealthy families are busy building underground bunkers and storing food and water so they might have a place to hide when things get too hot and dangerous on the surface. The Abba Father’s assurance that the Mother Earth’s “brief sleep” may be longer than the phrase suggests. From the perspective of a timeless void, where the Abba Father exists, a brief period of time might involve a few thousand, if not million years. Consider that the planet has been creating life and experiencing massive extinctions for billions of years. A few hundred thousand years would be considered a “brief” historical period by comparison.

All those guys living in underground bunkers will be doing is prolonging the inevitable. Eventually they, too, will go extinct with the rest of us.

Once the Mother is satisfied that the fleas have all been eliminated, she will be free to start restoring life. She might decide not to include humans the next time around. While it was a good idea with great potential, we appear to have been an experiment that went wrong.