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The Joke Buried In Their Names

By James Donahue

Sometimes we get the feeling that the Universe has turned this whole charade that we call our political system into one big joke. Surely the gods are rolling in laughter as they see how serious the court jesters have imagined themselves to be and how silly they appear to the world.

Imagine for one moment trying to keep a straight face if we should, by some remote chance, elect someone named Rick Santorum as our next president. If you don’t get the joke, just Google the name “santoum” and see what appears.

While the definition appears to be an invention created by a web jokester, that Santorum would get stuck with such a handle suggests just how well respected he is among his constituents. We suspect he is going to try to go all the way to the White House next year with a name that means, at least to the public, a mixture of grease and fecal matter.

Maybe in some perverted way the man has found some degree of pride in his family name. If this is a true meaning for the name, we have to wonder what the family crest might look like.

Imagine if Santorum gets the GOP nod we might expect voters to like some of the other big jokesters in Washington circles this year as presidential material. Writers and cartoonists might have a field day if New York Congressman Anthony Weiner sought the Democratic nomination and Santorum chose Speaker of the House John Boehner as his running mate.

The majority of the people, however, might not think the joke to be that funny.

In case there are a few die-hard flag wavers out there that might express some raised eyebrows or perhaps shake their heads and say “tisk-tisk-tisk” over this story, our answer is bluntly simple. The actions of these and many of the other elected members in both Houses of Washington since the 2008 elections, and long before that, destroyed any respect we might have once had.

They have turned themselves into a giant circus. The clowns in charge appear to believe the destruction of America will be in the best interest of the world’s wealthy few. Shame on them all! Let the bums in that crowd be wrapped in santorum and rolled in feathers and then run out of town.

They can take a few of those sold-out Supreme Court judges along with them.